Yamato: The New Adventure Eps 7 Part 1

The Finale of Yamato Serial, Part 1 of 2


2. Section 2

"Come here. Check this out." Denise instructed. Emily rose from the bed, swooning as she sat on the bed. She did the same method as Denise, putting her feet on the cold tiled floor and rose up slowly. Miss Montgomery grabbed a nearby robe, and staggered toward the window catching on the jam with a form hand to steady herself. Both of them glanced at each other.



"Whoa!" The young woman gasped, as their eyes panned back and forth to the outside. They stared at the futuristic city where they had landed in astonished silence.



"I totally agree wholeheartedly." Denise replied with a grin, "This is totally amazing."



 For quite a while Denise and Emily panned a long, examining, look below at the grounds of Federal Hospital. Specifically, their gazes were on the many people, dressed in the strange uniforms they saw several times today. The guards, posted outside, a couple of the nurses and the people who had been with the Doctor had all worn the unfamiliar uniforms. Ms. Watson shook her head in an astonished silence and stood watching the outside carefully, still wondering if this was a dream.



     "It's unreal." Denise said, "This has to be a dream, but by the look of things it cannot be the twentieth century, or even the twenty-first century."



"That is because it is not, and you're here. You are both displaced out of time and place." A voice said, and behind her, a young woman walked in. It was Commander Mitty McDonald, Aide to General Singleton and the Earth Defense Command.



 Denise and Emily turned when they heard the voice, both remaining standing beside the window as they met the surprised look of the young officer. The first thing they noted was the unfamiliar uniform, a fine cut blue and black uniform, with a high collar. The stasis members noted the gold cluster collar pin, marking her as a Commander, even in the current day military. The pair also spied the gold braid in on her uniform marking her as an Admiral's aide. Both stasis members were both startled how young she is, and are certainly surprised that someone her age held the job she did.



Likewise, Mitty had been just as startled to realize that the two young women were part of the stasis team, and are equally as young as she. Commander McDonald had expected two older persons, when the project was explained to her, and was told they were over two hundred years old. She had not known what they looked like, anything much about them, or how attractive they were despite their true age. She cleared her throat quietly.



"I'm Commander Mitty McDonald." She said, "I am your liaison for the Earth Defense Commander's Office."



"The Earth Defense Office…? What's that, the military?" Denise asked, and glanced at Emily.



"If you consider it to be military, then it surely is." The Commander replied, as she met the two unfamiliar faces.



"You're awfully young to be an officer." Emily commented, and the young woman managed the flash of a smile.



"Thank you." Mitty murmured, before clearing her throat, and grimacing as her face flushed a tiny bit.



She had not been prepared for the compliment.



 "Well, I am here to debrief you both, as we did your friends." She began, "What this will entail that our little jam session here will partially help me find out some information about you. Just a little until we can schedule a meeting before the board with the Earth Defense Commander, General Charles Singleton. It will just bring you up to speed what is happening in the century in which you have now arrived."



The young woman quickly explained the procedure to them. They would both be interviewed here, informally, and in the next four weeks, if they were well enough, be escorted to the EDC Commander's office for a meeting.  All three sat around the room, jamming, as they answered the young Commander's questions and she answered Denise and Emily's questions.



"What are you doing out of bed!" A shout said, interrupting the trio, and all three turned to meet the grizzled expression of the nurse that Mitty recognized as Nurse Downing.



 "Get back in bed right now." 



"It's alright, Major Downing." McDonald said, "I am here. Please don't let anyone else in here till we are through." 



"Oh. Aye, Commander," Grumbled the older nurse, and moved to the exit.



"Can I ask what happened to our families?" Emily asked.



“I was supposed to come home after stasis, and with my new husband, who I was going to marry after stasis too.” Emily said, making Denise gasp.



“You were going to marry Seth?” Denise asked, as Emily nodded. “You didn’t tell me that!”



“We were planning on it.” Emily replied, “I probably won’t see him again.”



"As for your families and the fates of each of them, we are working on that, to help you find out what happened to them." Mitty paused and nodded her head.



"Many records have been lost from the times before that, because of the planet bombings latter of the last century, so we have very little knowledge of what happened. All we have was stored in the great vault with your chambers but even that was not much."



     "There was a holocaust?" Denise asked and Mitty nodded again.  



"Yes. Earth has been at war, off and on, for the last eight years or so. Mostly it has been enemies from space, and hostile races." Commander McDonald replied, "Earth has almost been decimated by radiation bombing once, and has endured many attacks."



Both Denise and Emily gasped loudly, hearing this information.



"Attacks from outer space, oh come now, that's a bit corny don’t you think?" Emily said with a chuckle, "That's very hard to believe, like us being in a new century."



“Well I grant you that.” The Commander said with a smile, “But you are here, and we are speaking.”



Mitty paused, glancing at chronometer on her wrist. She turned her head. "Don't worry, we will give you access to our knowledge base and let the two of you do some catch up learning. So you both can be brought up to speed quickly in our century. Once you read about it, you will understand what Earth has endured for two hundred years."



"Strange, your friends were the same way." The Commander told them, and the young women perked up.



     "Oh yes, who was left of the group and can we see them? Please?" asked Denise and the young woman regarded her for a second before she nodded her head. Emily grinned happily, knowing that they were not alone in a new place or isolated as only survivors.



     "Let’s see." Mitty mused, pulling out the pocket computer, and she punched a few buttons. "Three females, two males, It appears you have five shipmates who are still living and were recovered from the chambers."



"Who though… Which ones?"



“Us!” A shout said, as Amy, Melinda, Amanda, and Manual ran into the room, and they stood in front of them.  Denise gasped, and unflustered, ran toward them, embracing each one, unflustered by her partial nudity in the robe she wore. Emily also embraced them as there was chatter throughout the room. Sane and McDonald stepped back grinning as they saw the touching reunion of old friends, reminded of the Star force, which had gone out on many battles to save Earth.



“Mind if I come in?” Seth asked, clad in a robe, walking with an IV cart behind him and a cane. Emily turned, gasped, and ran to embrace him warmly, kissing passionately, hungrily. He held her warmly, kissing her back. They held it over five minutes. The others clustered around Seth, greeting him warmly with hugs, tears, backslaps and confused chatter.  When the couple broke they peered into each other’s eyes.



“Seth is that you?” Emily whispered, “My dearest love.”



     “It is me, Em.” He replied. He held her long, peering into her eyes, hungrily, fighting back the tears of astonishment and emotion that overwhelmed him.



     “You’re hurt!” She exclaimed, and he shrugged.



     “It’s a scratch.” He replied, “I was wearing body armor of the day at the memorial and it saved me from being hurt more than I was.”



     Emily held him, and smiled warmly, astonished to see him here, as he was for her. Seth had thought he had buried these two young women a few months ago, putting them to rest and not knowing they had survived.



     A low chatter echoed through the room still as Emily and Seth both peered lovingly into each other’s eyes.



     “H-how can you be alive?” Seth asked, “You were killed with Denise and I buried you at Hero’s Hill.”



     “They mixed up our records with others from a previous war and when we came into Central Hospital and were switched. If it wasn’t for a savvy tech, seeing our moving hands, we’d be embalmed or cremated by now.”



     “I am so glad to see you, and happy you are alive.” He said, holding her warmly, “If it wasn’t for a stranger I’d be dead too.”



She peered at Seth in amazement and glanced at Sane who nodded his head.



     “He’s right, that stranger died saving you and Nova Forrester-Wildstar of the Star force but he disappeared in a temporal warp while in surgery. We don’t understand why or how though.” Sane told them. Amy, Melinda, even Seth had nodded.



     “I never got a chance to thank him,” Seth murmured, and shook his head in silence.



     “In any case, both of you, welcome to the…” He started to say.



     “The twenty-third century…” They chimed in and Seth looked at them in amazement, “You already knew?”



     “Thanks to Doctor Sane, but I am still confused, what the hell happened? How did we get here so far into the future?”



     “Maybe I can answer that.” Mitty replied and the room fell into a respectful silence.



     “It seems we all were left in stasis longer than proposed, due to a malfunction and terrorist bomb that decimated the chamber.” She replied, “According to the black box and records the EDC did find in the vault the project was scrapped due to two losses of two teams. They apparently didn’t know that a few of you survived the initial explosion.”



“Oh… so that’s why.” Emily said wearily, “So what happens to us?”



“Yea, we are stuck in a new century with nothing.” Denise added, “I hope you can bring us up to speed.”



“That is dependent on you all.” Mitty replied, “We will require you to be sent to the Space Academy to bring you all up to speed, to at least conform to military, and our social standards.”



     “Excellent.” Amy replied, “I’m in for that, Commander McDonald, count me in.”



     “I’m in for that.” Melinda said.



     “Us too.” Manual replied, taking up the hand of Amanda in his, putting a loving arm around her.



     “We’re back!” Emily breathed, and Denise nodded.



     “All except for you, Seth and the Sergeant Major though, your training will be done while you are in the field. They have an assignment off planet with a combat group outgoing, in the next two weeks, training is at sixteen hundred tomorrow of this week.”



     “You guys are being assigned?” Emily gasped, and Seth nodded.



     Amanda glanced at Manual, a frown on her face.



     “Don’t forget us too…” A voice rumbled, and they turned to see Angie Stethem and Lieutenant Command Miller standing in the door. Mitty gasped seeing them together.



     “Angie.” Melinda breathed, and Amy smiled. Manual and Amanda had frowned at first, but then also smiled nodding a silent greeting to Angie from the first stasis project.  They were very surprised to see the young man beside her. A face they had not seen in a very long time and still astonished to see here. Denise was astonished to see Angie, as was Emily. They both had gasped loudly. They embraced her warmly.



     “I don’t believe it.” Denise said, “Angie Stethem, You were in stasis too? Since when? There was another stasis project?”


     “Yes, a year before yours.” Angie replied, and nodded to Emily and Denise, “We’ll talk later. I promise.”



Her tone indicated caution on the subject and Denise nodded, as did Emily.



They all peered at the young officer beside her, and grimaced at the complex scar that ran forehead to his chin, across his left eye. He held her arm warmly, making for a handsome couple.



“Nice to see you again, Nathaniel!” Melinda said warmly, hugging the officer. Amy followed suit and Seth greeted him with a handshake and a ‘guy hug’ himself.



“You look great there dude!” Seth told the young scarred officer, “I am still shocked to see you again.”



“Yeah me too, it’s great to see you alive.” Nathaniel replied, and grimaced, a smile peeking through on his face. 



     Denise and Emily glanced at each other and frowned.



     “Emily, and Denise, before I go any further, I’d like you to meet someone.” Angie said. “May I present my new husband, Nathaniel.”  



     There was an astonished silence, by everyone, especially Melinda and Amy, Manual, Amanda, Seth, Doctor Sane, and Commander McDonald herself.



     Angie held up her hand, as did he and there on their fingers was a silver ring with a diamond set. The ring shined brightly in the light.



     “Oh my fricking god.” Melinda gasped, stepping forward to embrace Angie warmly. Amy followed suit, as did Emily, even Denise.



     “You guys got married?” Melinda gasped, and Angie smiled to nod.



     “So when did you guys, you know?” Melinda asked, and the couple turned.



     “We did it this morning.” Angie said, and there was another startled silence.



     “Hey! Hay!” Mitty said, chortling, embracing Angie and even the scarred young officer warmly. “I am happy for you both.”



Congratulations rounded the room.


     “So what is your name sir?” Denise asked, addressing the scarred officer. “I don’t think we have met. Nice catch Angie, he’s absolutely a hunk.”



     Angie grinned as she exchanged a look with the young officer beside her, making him grin slightly but he remained silent.



     “May I present Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Miller, Second Officer aboard the Kosheo that is in dry dock right now.” Angie said, pointing to him. He smiled warmly to the startled group.



     Denise and Emily grimaced, hearing the name. Somewhere in their past the name seemed familiar to them from long ago. They were shaking their heads in silent disbelief.



     “He’s an old friend to us all.” Angie prompted.



     “Old friend?” Denise asked, and Angie nodded.



     “He was at Bellbrook, in like nineteen eighty-six, to nineteen eighty-eight.” Angie replied, “A long time ago.”



     They were shaking their heads but they were thinking rapidly. It finally clicked for Emily and Denise who had remembered the name from their High School in the east. This man had come from the west though. Denise and Emily had yelped to peer at the scarred young man, frowning at the semi-familiar face despite the wounds he had received from stasis.



Emily remembered the homeroom she was in, next door, waving to a young man in the next class over, always smiling when she saw him. Her mouth fell open as tears began to well from her eyes.



     Manual and Amanda had stared at the officer in silence, realizing he was from Wilcox, with them when he landed in eighty-nine and finished out his years there.



“It’s good to see you all again.” He intoned, and stepped forward.



     “No way!” The four of them gasped, and all except Emily, ran toward him, embracing him, staggering him and shaking his hand warmly.



     “Ho! Don’t be so eager.” Nathaniel said, returning their embraces warmly. Their chatter rounded the room, as questions bombarded the officer. Manual back slapped him. Amanda was silent and so astonished to see him. Manual and Seth were laughing and carrying on as they talked and laughed a mile a minute, shaking his hand warmly.



Nathaniel turned to Emily, and stood there, as the young woman held back, staring at him in astonished silence. Silence fell over the room as tears poured from her eyes as she had run toward him, streaming tears as they embraced warmly too. She held Nathaniel closely, weeping into his shoulder, making his uniform wet.



     “I don’t believe it!” She sobbed, “It’s you! Where? How? Where have you been?”



 When she drew back, he stared into her eyes, his eye was wet as he held her, and he held her, hovering for only a brief moment before they kissed passionately together. His kiss was sweet filled with promise, and Emily smiled as she kissed him warmly. They held it for fifteen minutes, old friends and perhaps more than that, if he would have had the chance to be with her a long time ago, a chance that he had missed.



Everyone watched them kiss, and there was an uncomfortable silence that followed. When they broke she held him still. Seth sensed his passion for her, and stepped back, strangely jealous of the pair.



“Emily… Emily…” He said, “Please, we can’t do this. But it is great to see you.” He said, “And to hold you finally in my arms as I wanted this so much for a very long time. But remember, I am married to Angie.”



     She gasped, and he nodded.



     “I am so sorry, Emily.” He said, apologizing, “For not keeping in touch and saying goodbye properly. I wished for a long time to tell you I loved you more than life itself and never got that chance. I am sorry for not being there for you. I surely wanted to show you the world, but didn’t get that chance.”



     Emily had a surprised look on her face, and she nodded, tearing up quickly again.



     “I didn’t know.” She said, “Why didn’t you tell me?”



     “I didn’t realize I was in love with you until I left Bellbrook. You stole my heart a long time ago and I never forgot you, even looked for you, but you were already gone.” He said, “And I was in transition of schools and moving, I wasn’t able to write to you. I thought I lost everything, and tried to carry on, and didn’t expect you to be in this century!”



     “Oh my god.” She held him tightly, literally sobbing into his arms. She was glad to see him, but her heart also belonged to Seth who stood nearby, serving and training together and falling for him as well during that training.



     “I just wanted you to know that.” He said, “I know you and Seth have a relationship, and he is a good man. I am sorry I missed out. I was not here for you and he was. I will always love you, just know that always. I have Angie though, and love you both.”



     Emily nodded as she sobbed into his shoulder. He glanced at Seth who he managed a grin at him. The scarred officer held the young woman for a long time, unable to let her go. He put out his hand, with hers in it on top and motioned to Seth. The Commander put his best friend’s hand on hers. The couple glanced at him, as he nodded, dropping his hand from below.



     “She is a good woman, and if you ever hurt her, you answer to me.” Nathaniel warned, “Be together always, be happy.”



Emily embraced Nathaniel then embraced Seth.



     “Thanks buddy.” Seth said.



     The Lieutenant Commander turned, putting out his arm, which Angie took. She knew that Nathaniel had a crush on her, and didn’t protest when Emily kissed him. With Angie still on his arm, he picked up a champagne bottle, and popped it. “I think this is time for a drink.”



     “This is so against regulations,” Sane intoned, as the staff of the ward gathered, and Commander McDonald, “But since this is a special occasion I will make this one allowance.”



     “Here is to the happy couple, Angie and Nathaniel, may you both find happiness in your new home and century.” Mitty intoned, and glasses were raised.



     “Hear! Hear!” Seth said, “To the happy couple!” The group repeated and they raised their glasses to all drink.



There were handshakes and cheers through the room, as Emily turned and tossed Seth a look.



     “It looks like we’re next.” Seth suggested, “How bout it Em? Before I get my ass shot off in the combat group that’s outgoing.”



     Emily gasped, blushing slightly, and tears forming in her eyes as Seth took up her hand in his and knelt before her. The young woman glanced at Nathaniel who was grinning, and he nodded silently to her.



The young woman gasped as Seth held up a box and he opened it. Emily stared at the sparkling ring. There was a gasp that rippled through the room, as everyone turned.



     “Oh my Lord, it’s beautiful! Yes. I will, Right now!” Emily said, and Seth nodded, embracing her warmly.  



     Seth glanced at the grizzled Commander, his face patched and the scar still angry and his face mutilated by the structural beam that smashed is container in stasis and cut his face the way it did. 



“Please Nathaniel, be my best man.” There was a yelp by all.



     “It will be an honor.” Nathaniel replied, and Angie smiled, holding her husband tightly.



     Another gasp rippled through the room and there was an excited ripple through the room. A cheer echoed through the room as he champagne flowed freely.



     “Did someone send for a pastor?” A voice asked, and Mitty motioned him in.



     “Please come in Pastor Murray.” Mitty said, “This couple would like to get married.”



      “I am Pastor Donald Murray, my rank is Colonel for the Earth Defense Corps, but you don’t have to salute.” He intoned solemnly, “I ask you in the spirit of the union of and in the sight of god, are you sure?”



     “We are.” Seth replied, and Emily joined him as they stood before the pastor.



Manual glanced at Amanda who gasped, as he motioned to her. She shook her head. He frowned.



“Why dear, I love you and I want you to be my wife.” Manual whispered, “Be with me always and spend the rest of our lives together. Before we are all going to be killed, and not come back, the chances are not good for this mission babe. I want you to be my wife so when I return we can be together.”



Amanda smiled warmly, as she kissed him.



“I know, I love you too, but not till after.” She said, “I’m not ready for that yet, and I couldn’t bear the stress of losing my newlywed husband if you were to be killed.”



“I understand, but if we are married, we will be united, and you get benefit extras that will help you cope and survive without me here.” He said, “Chances are slim for return. We are facing an armada, of a new enemy has come up and there is a ship from the future has come to warn us of the impending attack on Earth. Seth and I are probably going to be sent to our deaths, but if we succeed we will save Earth.”



     “I’m sorry, I just can’t.” Amanda murmured, and he frowned.



“Alright, Honey.” Manual replied, kissing Amanda warmly on her lips.



Meanwhile, Seth and Emily, followed by Sane, Mitty, Nathaniel and Angie stepped forward. They stood at the familiar places in the wedding party.



“We have come together at the invitation of Emily Montgomery and Seth Aquilera to celebrate the uniting in Christian love, their hearts and lives. This is possible because of the love God has created in them, through Jesus Christ.”



The Pastor paused.



     “Jesus said, I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. This abundant life, for many people, is an impossible dream, yet God wants us all to have this abundant life and proved His love for us by giving His Son, that we might have this life.”



     Here Pastor Murray nodded.



“Another way that God provides for this "full" life is creating those who will love us. Seth has found such a one in Emily hearts and spirits were drawn together before today by the Lord of all creation. Two lives are not united by ceremony, but only in the power, love, and grace of God.”



“Seth and Emily are here to publicly declare that because of Jesus Christ's love, they too can truly love one another. As God demonstrated His love in Jesus, our Lord, Seth and Emily will demonstrate this God given love by giving themselves to one another and one for the other.”



“They have not reached this place alone. Each has been given life by their parents. These, who gave to them life love, provision, are and will be, a vital part in their continued lives. Their love has borne fruit in Seth and Emily. Love and respect for these will continue as they grow in their own love made possible by their parents.”



The uniformed priest turned to the group that surrounded Emily and Seth. He grimaced slightly, motioning to the group.



“Who then has prepared this woman for marriage to this man?” The pastor asked.



Sane spoke up, "Since her parents are no longer living, I will."



Emily, Seth, Nathaniel and Angie stepped toward the Pastor. Sane and Mitty took up a position behind them.



The pastor turned to the couple. “Emily and Seth, no other human ties are more tender, no other vows are more sacred than these you are about to assume. You are entering into that holy estate which is the deepest mystery of experience, and which is the very sacrament of divine love.”



 “Seth, will you have Emily, to be your wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony; will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only for her so long as you both shall live?”



Seth stood straight, and glanced at Emily, who smiled. "I will."



“Emily, will you have Seth to be your wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony; will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep yourself only for him so long as you both shall live?”



Emily gigged, and nodded. "I will."



“It is with hope that you find happiness together, and be reunited in your time of need and turmoil, to have a long and happy life together.” The pastor intoned, “May you find such a life, and such happiness together always.”



“Seth, please take Emily by her right hand.”



“Please repeat your vows to your beloved.” Pastor Murray instructed.



“I Seth, take you as my wife, to have you and be with you till death do we part, and promise to uphold, be faithful and love you until our time together ceases.”



“I Emily, as your betrothed, take you as my husband, till death do we part, and promise to uphold, be faithful, and love you until our time together ceases.”



The Pastor smiled and nodded, turning to Seth.  “Seth, what symbol do you bring as a pledge of that sincerity of your vows?”



"A ring."



Pastor Murray turned to Emily, “Please remember, a ring is more than a symbol of your marriage. It is a seal of the vow you have made to one another. The circle of the ring is, as far as human eye can see, a perfect circle--with no beginning or end--so God too, has perfect love for you and wants you to love one another in His grace--never, never ending. This ring is made of precious metal. You also are precious in God's sight and now in the life of Seth Aquilera. When you are absent one from another, the presence of the ring reminds you to be faithful and to fulfill your vows to Seth.”



The pastor took in a breath.



“Rings have historically been the sign of authority--used to seal documents and proclamations. You now accept this authority in your life.” He intoned.



The pastor turned to Emily.  “You may now place your ring on his finger.”



Emily, what symbol do you bring as a pledge of that sincerity of your vows?



"A ring." She replied, smartly.



The pastor turned to Seth, “Major Aquilera, this ring is a seal of Emily’s vow to you. She presents this to you as a token of her submission to you in Jesus Christ. This is a symbol of leadership and privilege. God has placed you as head of the family. You must lead in worship, works and fellowship. As the weaker vessel she depends upon you for strength.”



Pastor Murray turned to Seth, nodding. “You may now place your ring on your Bride's finger.”



“For as much as Seth and Emily have consented in holy wedlock, and have thereto confirmed the same by giving and receiving each one a ring; by the authority committed unto me as a minister of the Church of Jesus Christ, I now declare you husband and wife, according to the ordinance of God, and the laws of the military code of the Earth Defense Command; in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”



Pastor Murray raised his hand, opening the bible in his one hand and he motioned to them and they knelt together before the pastor who waved it over the couple. 



“Let us hear this prayer, in John four, Verse seven to twelve.” 



“Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is born of God and knows God. But anyone who does not love does not know God—for God is love.”



“God showed how much he loved us by sending his only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love. It is not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” 



“Dear friends, since God loved us that much, we surely ought to love each other. No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love has been brought to full expression through us.”



The couple rose to their feet and both grinned as they glanced at each other.  Seth moved toward Emily and embraced her warmly, holding her in his arms. 



“With abiding confidence and deep affection, we send you forth in life's journey together. May it be an adventure in peace, in joy and in love…!” Murray told them and nodded.



With that said, The pastor turned and closed the bible, raising both hands before the gathered group, including the hospital ward staff, other patients, the stasis crews, and Commander McDonald.



“You may kiss the bride!” Colonel Murray instructed, and Seth grinned, as he leaned over to embrace Emily, their lips hovering and they met touching tightly, passionately, hungrily together.



There was a cheer by everyone present.  Five minutes elapsed. There was a pause. Ten minutes elapsed. There was another pause and a shuffle. A low chuckle rippled through the group.



A moment later, they broke and there was laughter, as Emily fanned herself.



“Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Aquilera.



Applause thundered through the room, as cheers and words of congratulations for the couple moved through the crowd. Seth turned to Emily, and she blushed, smiling.



“I love you Emily, always.” Seth said, and he turned to Angie and Nathaniel who stood nearby.



“Thanks Nathaniel, Angie.” He said, “For being there for us.”



“You are welcome.” Lieutenant Commander Miller replied, nodding, “Welcome to Marriage. May you both have a long life together, and many children… But for right now, Seth we’re wanted at sixteen hundred at headquarters. It appears the meeting was moved up.”



“Understood…” He replied, “Do I have a little time to be with my new wife?”



“Yes, please, by all means.” He replied, as he turned to Angie, taking up her hand.



“We have a little time together too, beloved Angie.” Nathaniel told her, and he embraced her.



“I know. You’ve got a job to do.” Angie said, “Just promise me, you will return and not get your ass shot off, your ass belongs to me, remember that.”



“I know.” He said, “I am not planning to get myself killed by this enemy. I will return, I promise, and will keep Seth and Manual safe. I will return for you and our little one.”



 With that, he patted Angie on her belly. The young woman gasped, glancing at him astonished, amazed. She had not been feeling well lately and intended to go to medical for a check up.



Emily also had heard Nathaniel and walked toward him, smiling as she took up his hands.



“I heard your comment. I’ll hold you to that Commander, for both of you.” Emily told him and he nodded.



“Don’t thank me yet.” He intoned, “We still have one mission to go, and it’s not going to be a piece of cake. There is a lot at stake, and with god’s help we go to fight, will probably fail. All we can do is hold on for dear life and give it our best.”



“What does that mean?” Emily asked, glancing at Angie who was stunned by his mood change, and shook her head, shrugging as she watched her husband walk to Commander McDonald and Seth to chat with them formally. Emily did not know what to make of the comment, as did Angie or realize what was truly at stake for the sake of Earth.



     Again sitting on the bridge Ihsss T'Larra sat on the bridge, and watched the view screen as the ship cleared the haze and entered the large solar system hours ago that contained the legendary planet of Earth and the Yamato. It was here the base on Pluto detected the Clouds as they entered the solar system and an alarm echoed across the console of the many operators who were watching the space. A thick complex detection web was installed shortly after the decisive victory of the Yamato way back after Iscandar mission and had several times been put under real situations. Operators had seen the blip and hit the alarm putting the base on alert.



"Supervisor, Operator five on-line," A voice said. A young harried Corporal sat at the console in the operations pit, and he watched at the blip approached and entered the system. He spoke rapidly on the communicator with the XO of the station located on Pluto.



"What's up Johnson?"



"Unidentified ship passing Pluto Base, Sir," reported the operator, "No identification, and it is refusing to answer hails. Approximately ten space knots."



"On my way," Commander Farrell said, clicking a button on his console. He got up and ran into the main control room.  A few moments later, he came through the doors on the run.



"Status report…" The Commander exclaimed sharply.



"No change sir." replied the operator.



"Are there any ships scheduled to enter or exit the system today?" asked the Commander and the operator shook his head.



"Negative sir, not on the schedule I have up." Johnson replied.



"What about the assigned entry sector for Earth transports?" Commander Farrell asked.



"They are not on any flight path Commander.” The operator replied, “Ship confirmed on intercept course toward Saturn.” 



"What's going on Farrell?" A voice said and Jake looked up to meet the intense gaze of Captain Hank Russo, the Commanding Officer of the Pluto Base who appeared on the monitor screen next to him.



"There is an unidentified ship coming into the solar system skipper," Jake replied.



"Have they responded to hails?"



"No sir, there could be a couple dozen reasons why not, however." Jake suggested.



"Deploy the fighters." The Captain said, "Mission to identify and find out their intentions, shoot to destroy if attacked." The Commander hit the alarm, and from their barracks, the pilots who are stationed here on this frozen wasteland ran to the launch tubes and their fighters.



Astro-fighters from the station, on the icy world of Pluto made up of mostly of ice, methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide, roared from the airlock. The ships moved upward into the star filled sky.  The pilot named Deek Baker intently checked his controls as he climbed up into space.



"Squadron one, to Base. Squadron Alpha is now airborne." He said into the headset, in his helmet, as twenty-four Astro-fighters roared up into the star-filled sky.



Matthew 'Buzz' Akron, Deek's second command roared up into space moments later, leading his twenty-four planes behind Deek's.



"Squadron two to Base, Squadron Beta is now airborne." Buzz said into his microphone.



"Copy, you are both cleared to identify and engage." Replied the Commander, and he watched the status display screen, showing the fighters as blue arrows, that streaked out toward the red circle that floated several meters off the screen.  The blue arrows got closer to the circle, marked now with the symbol UNK01. It was unlike what the air craft control had in the ancient towers at the airports on Earth.



"You should be on top of it." Commander Farrell said into the headset. Deek and Matthew, in their planes, checked his controls and screens.



"Affirmative, we are approximately six mega meters away." Baker replied, "Does anyone see it?"



"Tiger two negative."  A voice said.



"Tiger three negative." Came another and each one gave the report.



"Hold up." Another voice said, "Tiger twelve here, Aye skipper I have it in visual."



The rest of the planes locked onto the radio and they streaked toward it. In the cockpit that Baker let out a sharp breath as they approached.  "We're on station." He said, "Everyone form up and let's identify her."



"Damn, it's a big ship." Buzz commented, "It's the size of an EDC frigate."



"Good looking lines though." Another voice chimed in.



"Pipe down fellas, and fall in." Baker ordered as they streaked toward the unsuspecting Magellanic Clouds. "Deek, take left, I'll take right let's identify her."



On Earth, the alarm was put out in the war room. "General! Pluto Base reports an unknown ship inbound into the solar system. Speed ten space knots."  The Commander of the Earth Defense Force looked up in alarm at the announcement, as did the aides and people working. There was hustle in the control room.



"Pluto Base deployed fighters." The operator said, and the Commander nodded. "Also sir, Neptune and Uranus Bases have also been alerted. They're ready for them." The Commander sat in his chair, and he examined the data.



"Deploy Space Destroyers Fuyuzuki, also the Marauder from Saturn station to the Pluto area." He ordered, and the Commander's aide glanced at him.  Unaware, the Clouds crew and the ship still approached Pluto, their ship coming within a close proximity of it. The small planet loomed on the view screen as the ship slowly approached.



"Felonious, give me a pre-approach scan please." Ihsss murmured.



She stared at the screen, curious of the bluish purple planet ahead of them and as the ship headed toward the planet's outer fringe. A chunk of planetary material appeared on the screen, making up the moon that orbits the planet.



 "Scanning planet," Felonious said, "The first planet here is number nine in this system of eleven planets. Diameter is two thousand three hundred and twenty kilas, approximately one thousand four hundred and forty miles as measured by Earth-people. Orbit, is once every two hundred forty nine years. A solar day is six point four days hours. One visible moon, its diameter is one thousand two hundred and seventy kilometers or seven hundred and ninety miles, planetary tilt, seventeen degras, elliptical orbit."



He paused to take in a breath as data streamed on screen next to him, "Surface Composition, that makes up the planet is nitrogen with minor methane count and traces of carbon monoxide. The hint of pink suggests that it has a reflecting layer. Bright areas along equator suggest it is solid nitrogen ice, methane, ethane and carbon monoxide. Darker areas suggest a primordial organic material as result of photochemical reactions to cosmic rays."



Felonious hit a button to scroll the information on his monitor.



"Surface temperature, varies from negative two hundred and twenty eight to negative two hundred thirty degrees centigrade or negative three hundred seventy eight to three hundred ninety six degrees. It ranges from its thirty to fifty degras orbit from the sun. Internal Composition, Unknown. Planetary Density lies between one point eight and two point one gm/cm cubed which indicates the planet is probably fifty to seventy percent rock and the remainder being water and other ices."



"Gee a regular garden spot." Kwai commented, and there was laughter on the bridge.



"Very well," Ihsss said, "Life signs?"



"Yes Captain, but I think it's attributed to the basic organic material that lives on the planet." Felonious replied, "But there are also strong life signs on the planet otherwise. There is, as you suspected, a base there."



"Captain we've been spotted, fighters coming in." reported the Navigator who stared at the view screen, "It looks like a couple of squadrons."



Ihsss turned her scaly head and grimaced.



"All repair crews come back inside!" Ihsss ordered and Hi'Mthsss turned to her console, hitting a button that sent the recall signal to the space suited figures outside the ship. They all headed to the airlock.



"Shields up!" Kwai reported, as she nodded to Felonious. A ripple of tension rounded the bridge.



 "Is the radio still out?" Asked the first officer and Hi'Mthsss turned to shake her head.



"The antennas are done."  Hi said, "Repairs are completed on the radio. We should be able to transmit."



"It might be interference from the planet." Kwai suggested, "We are pretty close Felonious." 



 "This is the S.S. Magellanic Clouds, to unidentified fighters… Hold your fire… we are a peaceful vessel, originating out of the Parker Star Cluster." Ihsss said, "We are on a peaceful mission and request permission to enter solar system. Please respond." 



"Any response?" Ihsss asked and Hi'Mthsss shook her head. "There is a lot of static Captain. I'll try to compensate and rotate channels."



On Pluto, the station operator turned his head when he heard Ihsss T'Larra's hissing voice. He stared at the console for a long moment before he hit a few buttons to clear the static. The message was very badly garbled.



"…This is the Magellanic Clouds…, Star …uiser out of …r 5, we … on a non …tile mission …your fire. We req… perm…sion to …your …lar sy…em."



"Sir, I'm picking up an, uh, message." The operator announced, switching it over to audio, "It's garbled, but it seems to be from that ship out there."



"Adjust frequency." The Commander ordered and the operator complied.



"Magellanic Clouds, adjust cycle three hundred."  The operator replied, "The message is still garbled. Adjust cycle three hundred! Please respond!"



Back on the Clouds Hi’Mthsss adjusted the frequency and the channel cleared.



"This is the SS Magellanic Cloudsss, Hi'Mthsss T'Larra, Communicationssss Officer." She said hurriedly, "Please ssstand by for Captain Ihsss T'Larra, my Commanding Officer."



Sitting on the bridge, Hi'Mthsss half turned and nodded. "I think I have them now mother, err Captain."



Sitting in a chair at the console near the radio operator both men heard the young Thyrnn's voice and they glanced at each other.



“Whoa, a female Communications Officer what do you make of that Jake?" The Commander asked, and the young officer and second in command glanced at him.



"She sounds fairly sexy." The operator commented and the two men laughed. Little did they know of Hi'Mthsss and her spitting image to her reptilian mother. She would probably have been offended by the comment, if she had heard it.



"I am not sure I have heard of the Parker Star cluster, unless it is beyond where any Earth ship has gone.” The XO replied uncertainly.



"Attention S.S. Magellanic Clouds, This is Earth Defense Command Pluto station. What is your destination and purpose in this star system?" The Base Commander asked.



     “We have them, Mother… err… Captain.” She announced and grimaced.



"Good job Hi." Ihsss replied, and walked to the communications station, as did Felonious. 



"Audio only."  Ihsss cautioned, "They probably don't know of our respective cultures yet."



"This is the Magellanic Clouds, Captain Ihsss T'Larra Commanding, I repeat our last message. We're here on a peaceful mission, originating from the Parker Star Cluster, sector coordinates 90,125. We formally request entry to your system and request landing on the third planet, Earth." Ihsss said into the headset. On the Pluto base the Captain and Commander glanced at each other.



"Well, what you ask is difficult." He said, "What is your reason and purpose for your request."



"Sssirrr, we have news that is gravely important to Earth and must be relayed to your headquarthersss at once. There is a war machine massing at Aquarius, and soon to be on its way to destroy Earth. We managed to gather a lot of recon and intelligence of this war machine and would like to directly relay it to Earth, in a peaceful gesture between our two governments. We took a beating to gather the data and are need of repair before we are to return to Aquarius, our mission to destroy the planet as possible."



 A low gasp echoed the war room as the others, and the crew present gathered around the radio center. A low murmur rippled through the command center.



The Captain waved his hand for silence.



"Keep it down." The commanding officer grumbled, as the radio operator adjusted the controls.



Both the commanding officer and second in command, glanced at each other.  The operator half turned, a look of astonishment on his face.



Captain Russo glanced over at the Commander who shrugged. "Notify Earth Defense Headquarters at once. Notify all available ships."



"Stand by Clouds, we are getting instructions on this point and will relay." 



"Communications go." Commander Farrell ordered pointing at the Communications Officer who was waiting.



"Aye, Sir." Replied the young operator, and he turned to his console.



On another channel, the communications officer spoke quickly, "This is Pluto Station to Headquarters Station, come in please."



A moment later, all hell broke loose as an energy bolt appeared and hit the Cruiser, with an explosion to follow. The fighters scattered as another bolt hit the ship again.



"What the hell was that?" Baker asked, "Report by the numbers, did anyone fire?"



"Negative." A chorus of voices echoed over the channel.



"Does anyone see it?" Baker asked, "Shit, we're sitting ducks."



     "That's for sure." Buzz’s voice said, “There is just no data, sir.”



     A bolt appeared from the black star-filled background, striking the Clouds again.



     "It is from dead astern skipper, sensors indicate origin of bolt." Matthews said over the radio, and he pulled back on his stick turning his plane toward the point of origin.



Turning toward the blast origin, the fighters took up the fight as multiple explosions rocked the Clouds.



"What's happening?" Commander Farrell shouted through Baker's orders.



"Commander, we lost the Clouds." The operator reported.



"We have an intruder, bearing mark three, one, five, distance, now seven mega-meters." Baker radioed, "We are attacking the target now. And we need some help out here."



"The Fuyuzuki is inbound at top speed." An operator reported, "Also the Marauder."



"Take on that ship, but send two ships to follow the Clouds, and assist as needed." The order came and Baker stared at the speaker.



"Excuse me sir?" Their lead pilot asked, "Could you repeat?"



"You heard me." Farrell replied.  



"Let's go boys. You heard the man." Baker ordered, and the two groups of fighters raced after the attacker as two planes broke off to follow the spinning crippled Star Cruiser.



On the bridge of the Clouds, Ihsss and all hands were thrown from their seats.  Screams echoed across the bridge as the lights went out making it pitch black. Down in the sickbay, a power surge lanced out and surrounded the body of Avatar. Slowly his eyes opened, and his eye lids blinked as the stasis field was shorted out.  His eyes focused on the dim light, and his ears started to work as his senses started to return. The Captain lay there and he found he couldn't move. He was very cold, and stiff. Outside the chamber, he could hear the dull screams and shouts of the crew echoing the chamber outside as they fought the fire and were occupied with damage control. He tried to move and he closing his eyes managed to wiggle a finger. Five minutes later, Avatar managed to turn his head slightly. Chaos raged outside the chamber, as many wounded are being mended by the ship's doctor. All he could see was blackness, and a blue suspensor beam on the interior of the cabinet.



On the bridge, fire and smoke covered the bridge as damage control parties fought the fire that started by shorting systems. Several people fell, and Hi'Mthsss dodged to pull a shipmate from the jaws of the explosion that shook the bridge. 



"We are out of control!" Veloxa said, as she fought for control at her console. "No power, overriding to emergency power and thrusters.  Outside sparks of the thrusters appeared as blue flames from the hull and the ship continued to spin faster.



"Veloxa get us under control." Ihsss screamed, "Right now. Compensate by using emergency power."



"We're going to die!" A voice quailed, in the half illuminated bridge.



Veloxa struck the console, and the thrusters succeeded to counter the spin. The ship, however, is a projectile and was just out of control, blind as a bat away from Pluto, as it raced toward the larger planets in the middle of this solar system.



"Damage report!" Ihsss shouted.



"There is damage in sections fourteen fifteen, sixteen, decks five through eight." Felonious reported, "Decompression and emergency bulkheads in place."



"Bridge to Engineering!" Ihsss shouted, "We need power, emergency power, do you copy?"



"Captain, we are approaching the next planet." Felonious reported, as the ship powerless and helpless headed toward the greenish ball of Neptune.



"Veloxa…" Ihsss asked, "Can we alter trajectory?"



"I'm trying Captain." Veloxa replied desperately, "No power or emergency power available."



"We're hit again Captain!" A voice quavered, and Ihsss silenced the speaker with a look as the ship lurched again. The shudder of an internal explosion rocked the ship.



"We have minor damage in engineering." Felonious reported.



"The engines are out of control Captain!" Veloxa said, "We are at maximum impulse and energy output will create a warp threshold in five minutes. Our main engines are out."



     "Felonious?" Ihsss said in askance, and he glanced at her, as data stream flooded his screen.



     "It is dangerous if we allow ourselves to warp." He announced, "If we do, there is a good chance that we can end up hitting a moon, a minor space body, like the sun of this solar system, a star, or materialize inside a planet."



Ihsss, turning her head, had stared at the screen in helplessness. She turned her attention, pushing the call button on the intercom, trying to raise the engine room.



"All stop helm!" Ihsss exclaimed, "Neutralize engines."



"We have negative response on controls." Veloxa announced.



"Use the bloody override then." Ihsss snapped, and Thyrac hit the button.



"No response on emergency systems." The Navigator barked, "We're a bullet, Captain."



 "Voloxa, what's happening down there?" Ihsss shouted over the noise, hitting the buttons to signal the engineering deck.



"We're at warp threshold sir." Felonious reported, as outside, the ship faded from view leaving the fighters behind.



"Sir, the ship just warped from our sector." Baker reported, "Maintain position?"



"Negative." The Commander replied, "Link up with the Fuyuzuki, in your sector, and search for wreckage of the attacking vessel. I want to make sure that no other ships have entered our solar system."



"Yes sir." Baker replied, and he closed the channel.



"Good luck and GOD speed, Clouds." Baker murmured as he and the two squadrons took up a search pattern.



Meanwhile, on the Saturn station, an operator named Sharon Patel sat at her console. She took up the transfer of command from Pluto and data peered at the data that streamed across the screen before her.



Commodore Russell Bates, the Commanding officer of Saturn base stood on the floor, gazing at the screen and the information that scrolled across it.



"Status report." He ordered. 



 "Saturn fighters deployed, and the Marauder has turned about heading back at top speed to Saturn Airspace." An operator reported, "ETA is approximately twenty minutes sir. Space Battleship Nagasaki and Taro have left Saturn Station with Battle group one and are making thirty space knots to Pluto." 



"Very well, any word from the Clouds?"



"Negative, the fighters picked it up as it materialized from warp and is seventeen mega meters from Saturn and the station sir."



"What do you make of this Skipper?" A voice asked and Russell turned to meet the concerned look of his second in command, Jake Sullivan.



"Whatever attacked the S.S. Magellanic Clouds is out there still, somewhere." The Commander told him, "The Captain of Battle Group One is pretty seasoned, so he will relay anything they find."



"I don't like this sir, it is too reminiscent of the Black Nebula when they came through and hit every base, killing everyone on each station. You think it's them again?"



"I don't think so this time." He replied, "It might be the beginning of another war against Earth, from the armada that the Clouds reported and encountered."



 Both men watched the screen, and a looming feeling that passed over them.



On the bridge of the Clouds, Ihsss felt a lurch forward, throwing everyone onto the floor as the ship appeared from warp. The sounds of loud wrenching metal could be heard, as the ship abruptly came into existence from their warp.



"Warp completed." Felonious reported, "We are still maintaining twenty plus space knots. We are approaching the sixth planet of this system."



Felonious clicked his console.



"If we do not diminish our speed, impact will be in less than twenty minutes into the thick atmosphere of planet six." 



"Planet analysis." Ihsss said quickly, "Can we make emergency landing if we get control."



"Negative." Felonious replied, "The planet here is a gas giant, its composition, appears to be made mostly of molecular hydrogen, approximately eighty eight percent, and helium at eleven percent, with traces of water, methane, ammonia and rockier elements. Temperature of the rocky core in the center is twelve thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Wind pressure radiates at ten times stronger than winds on Class M planets, such as Earth. We can withstand the outer edge of the atmosphere, but the gravity and pressure will destroy us if we get too far into the gas atmosphere. Collision is approximately in twenty-one minutes, present speed."



"Voloxa." Ihsss shouted, turning to the intercom, and trying to raise the engineering section. "What's going on down there?"



"Why does the planet have rings like that?" Kwai asked, "Is that ice, Felonious, or is it rocky matter?"



"Ring Composition is mostly made of small particles of water, ice, some of which may be coating rocky particles. These ring particles range in size from microscopic dust and pea pebbles, to boulders of several meters, perhaps yards, probably include some larger objects that are as large as a kilometer, or mile in diameter. The rings of planet six are two hundred and fifty thousand kilometers, or one hundred fifty five thousand miles wide, but only a few meters or yards thick in some places. As a result, their total mass may actually amount to no more than a single icy body of a hundred or two hundred kilometers, or sixty to one hundred twenty miles across."  Felonious said, reading the analysis.



"Temperature is negative variables, I advise not getting near the rings Captain, one of those boulders can cause harsh damage to the hull or put a hole in us. The extreme cold could affect our systems in a negative way."



"That's going to be difficult with current circumstances Felonious." Ihsss replied, and she sat with a sigh into the command chair. 



     "Acknowledged…" Felonious replied, shaking his furry head.



"Engineering to Bridge." A voice said, and Ihsss breathed a sigh of relief. It was Voloxa the Engineer.



"What is your status report, Engineer?"



"Partial auxiliary power is restored, No change on the engines, they are still out of order and at full impulse power." He said, "We had decompression in those areas, and we have major radiation happening down here from the core. Main power is off-line and the main engines are also off-line. We'll have the full auxiliary power back on line, in a few minutes." 



"We felt the ship decelerate, but we're still a bullet at twenty space knots. We need those engines now." Ihsss said, "We're out of control on collision course with planet six, a gas giant in this system. Get to it mister."



"Aye, Captain." He said, and the channel closed.



Ihsss turned to Veloxa at the helm. "Maneuvering thrusters Helm get us to all stop or alter trajectory to the planet."



"I'll try Captain. Thruster power is down to thirty percent." Veloxa replied, hitting the control on the console.



The ship slowly responded, as it was like a bullet, headed for its certain destruction.  Just as the Clouds approached Saturn, that several large ships rose up into the sky and headed toward the crippled starship of the future. Astro-fighters, from Saturn base, also streaked up into the starry sky and like the other fighter wings of the other planetary stations, they were on station quickly. They were watchful for any signs of life aboard the visitor from outside their galaxy.



"USS Tristan here." A voice said, "We have the visitor on scanners. No contact, they are out of control and we can't raise them. We are moving to investigate and linking up our battle group two with the Marauder." 



"Ship looks dead Captain. They might have killed all hands." Zack Johnson said, sitting in the cockpit of his Astro-fighter, flying toward the smoking Star Cruiser with twenty of his squadron members. The fighters stayed with the Cruiser on its left side, but kept a respectable distance from it.



"Estimate impact into Saturn in about twenty minutes. They have warped but have been dragged into the gravity of the planet. They are not slowing down."



"Keep trying to raise her." A voice said, and they recognized it as General Singleton.



Out in space, the ship still streaked toward Saturn and inside Ihsss and Veloxa worked at the controls to help adjust their bullet course toward the planet ahead. "Ship has turned at one half degree." Veloxa said.



     "Felonious, how about the moons… Can we safely land there?" Ihsss asked, as she turned to her feline science officer. 



"Planet has thirty one moons Captain." He said, "Analysis of each one completed. The outer most moons, twelve, range in size from three to fifty km, almost two to thirty one miles with irregular ‘long and loping’ orbits. Out of those thirty one moons, number two is the largest one."


Felonious paused as data scrolled on his screen.



"I am analyzing now. It has a relatively large diameter of about five thousand km or three thousand two hundred miles. It has an unusually thick atmosphere that is composed of mostly nitrogen but may have as much as a tenth in methane and smog, with traces of ethane, acetylene, ethylene, and hydrogen cyanide. Planetary temperature is at around negative one hundred eighty degrees Centigrade, or negative two hundred ninety two degrees Fahrenheit as measured by Earth people." Felonious paused as the computer completed spitting the analysis on the screen.



"Atmosphere scans indicate it is surprisingly dense, resulting in a surface air pressure to be about one point six times more of a class M planet. The surface scans indicate that planet surface is cold enough to have pools, even seas of liquid methane, perhaps nitrogen and for frozen methane to persist for extended periods. Moreover, liquid fuel-like liquids may also precipitate out of its atmospheric smog. Hence, this planet is thought to have an abundance of the organic molecules that are thought to be the precursors of life."



"Will we be able to make a soft landing, Felonious?" Ihsss asked, and the feline science officer grimaced.



"If we do skipper, we are going to make an awfully loud boom, if the analysis holds true." He replied, "Liquid fuel and methane is very volatile substances, even in a cold state."



"Well we won't know till we try? Thyrac, set course and Veloxa can you slow us down for fair soft landing?" Ihsss asked.



     "Aye Captain, I'll do my best." Veloxa said, touching the control on her console.



     "Course plotted." Thyrac added hitting the buttons, "And engaged in computer."



     Their ship slowly and painfully turned, as it sped toward Saturn and still out of control. As it did so, down in engineering, Voloxa feverously worked to get the engines back on line. He stared at the console, as he worked, and at a flashing yellow light. He struck it with a tool on the top of the machine, making a dent in the top of the metal. A moment later, a whir sounded and a green light indicated the status of the system he was working on.



     "Come on you piece of Placto!" He shouted, hitting the console in frustration. He heard the system whir and systems flashed to come back on line. The engines hummed as they stopped their thrust.



     "Auxiliary engines back on line, Captain." Veloxa shouted, sitting on the bridge.



     "Bless you Voloxa, Go Veloxa!" Ihsss instructed, and the Insectoid Helmsman hit the control. The ship painfully slowed down, but it was far too late as Saturn's gravity already had them. It took them away from Titan, with a violent jerk, and the ship began to heat up as it entered the gas atmosphere of Saturn.



     "Set a low orbit." Ihsss ordered, "One quarter impulse." 



The engines whirred and the ship set a trajectory change.



     "Helm answering," Veloxa reported, but shook its large insect-like head, "Controls are sluggish and slow responding."



"Pressure increasing, fifteen hundred pounds per square inch on hull, sixteen hundred; seventeen-hundred." Felonious announced, "Twenty five hundred pounds. Three thousand pounds pressure on hull. Hull pressure is now three thousand five hundred pounds."



"Any change in our speed." Ihsss asked and Veloxa managed a nod.



     "Engines reversing and they are slowly bringing us to all stop. The gravity is very strong and she's fighting it." Veloxa informed Ihsss' and outside the ship began to shimmy and shake. Veloxa and the crew sat on the bridge and held on to the arm of their chairs. Many of her crew were thrown from their chairs or thrown against the bulkheads.



     "Holy Kriznar*! Hold on everyonnne! Arrggghhhh." The reptilian Captain muttered, "It's going to be a rough ride."



(*Footnote, expression of exclamation, IE 'Holy Cow!')


     There was a yelp on the bridge as a few went flying forward as the ship lurched and wallowed to an abrupt stop. Sitting calmly at their console, the two Veloxa Insectoid hardly winced as the pressure threw everyone forward. Ihsss went flying out of her chair and ended up near the helm console on her butt.



     "What the heck." Ihsss thought, looking at the view screen as a haze appeared on the screen.



"Orbit has been achieved. We are in a stationary orbit. Steer to get us out of orbit and escape velocity?" Veloxa asked after both the Helmsman and Navigator glanced at each other, both letting out a half audible sigh.



"Negative, take us up to gas surface, but no further." Ihsss ordered, "Maintain orbit."



Veloxa's hands danced on the console.



     In the Astro-fighters that tailed the Star Cruiser, a pilot named George McGraw, saw the change, and he smiled. Other pilots had whooped and guffawed loudly in the headset, at the dismay of the staff on Pluto and the other bases and ships who listened to the chatter of this entire strange event.



     "Astro-fighter three here," He said, "Ship appears to have life on board, it made a course correction and collision course was averted. But it's in the Saturn's outer layer of atmosphere. It is safely in a stationary orbit."



     "Tiger three. Great work." A voice said, "Stay on station, and give as much assistance as you can."       



     "U.S.S. Tristan is on station." Another voice said over the channel, "We'll stay on station until the fleet arrives. The Astro-Fighters can return to base."



     "If you can hear this Magellanic Clouds, welcome to Sol and Saturn Station." Commander Farrell murmured as he stood in the Pluto control room. In the control room cheering and handshakes all around went around to the staff on duty in three bases. The Commander of the Saturn base turned to the radar operator.



     "Scan and get a fix on that ship." He instructed and the operator nodded. He clicked the controls and immediately located the crippled Star Cruiser.



     "Ship is in stable orbit on Saturn, it is not moving Captain." He reported, "Analysis indicates by Thermal scan their power systems are very low. The ship is in a parallel orbit, opposite to Saturn Base on the other side of planet."



     "Send the Marauder to assist and cover it with Battle Group Two." Ordered the Commander and the radio operator smiled as he nodded.



     "It will be my pleasure." The young operator said with a grin, and he turned to make the call.



     On the bridge, the crew worked feverishly to get the systems repaired, all hands but a handful of them floated freely into space, including Ihsss, Felonious, Veloxa, Thyrac and anyone else who was non-essential personal for interior repairs.  They floated freely to the mess out of the hull of the ship and outside to start repairs on the exterior of the ship. Ihsss, however, stared at the beauty of the stars, remembering a long time ago back to her youth on her planet when she too dreamed of being in space. As she stared at the brown orb, a twinkle not far off caught her eye and she turned.



     "Felonious." She said, and the feline officer turned to where Ihsss pointed. "We have company."



     Ihsss saw a small blip in the background of stars, and realized it was the Earthling's ships on the way to help.  She turned her head to see a scout ship nearby, but when she looked again, it was gone. She was unaware that it was cloaked out there.



The reptilian Captain turned with her cutter, starting repairs on her beloved ship, with the others to cut away the damaged section. A repair drone that held small plates, sidled up behind them. Five of them moved the large plate to the skin of the ship. But little did they know down below in sickbay that Avatar blinked his eyes. He managed to wiggle his finger and found out he could move his head slightly, peering down at his feet to realize he was still in a uniform.



     "Where am I?" He thought, "Who am I?"  A second later he heard voices. The chamber opened and he saw light that hurt his eyes. They pulled the tray from which he lay, and a willowy face looked down upon him. He revolted, struggling, but could not move.



     "What on Arth?" A wispy voice said, "He's alive?"



     "I don't know doctor." Replied the Insectoid voice, "I bet it is when that static charge went through the ship."



     "Pull him out." Falora Platt ordered and Avatar looked blankly at them. He tried to squirm and move, his body lurching slightly. 



     "He's going into arrest." The assistant said, grabbing the deliberator unit. He hit the human with a zap and the arrest stopped. The heart of this human beat once again, the same one preserved by the water of Aquarius and who had died at his post saving Earth.



     "Start mixture at once." He said, "Watch him carefully and make sure he is sedated. I'm going to call the Captain."  



     "Sickbay to bridge," He said, "Come on, someone pick up."



     "Hi'Mthsss here." The young communicator's voice replied.



     "Get your mother." He said, "We got a problem down here in sickbay."



     "I'll connect you. She's outside the ship helping with repairs." Hi said, as static crackled over the intercom.



     "Captain Here." Ihsss said over the intercom, floating freely near the skin of the ship. She had glanced down at the communicator located on the arm of her space suit in alarm when he saw it flash.



     "Captain," Falora said, "I need you to come back in and come immediately to sickbay."



     "What's going on?"  Ihsss replied, "What's wrong, doctor?"



     "I just need you to come back in." He said, "We got a little problem in here, in the way of our passenger. The one we picked up on the derelict."



     "The body we picked up on the Yamato's hulk?" Ihsss asked, "What's going on doc? What are you on about?"



     "Please just return to the airlock and come to sickbay." Falora said, "Please…!"



"Acknowledged," Ihsss’, replied starkly, "I will be right there."



She closed the channel abruptly.



"Felonious, something is happening." She said, as he floated nearby, "Take charge. I will return shortly."



A few minutes later, Ihsss walked into the sickbay, the doors obediently opening for her and she was still dressed in her space suit. She grimaced, fuming about being called back inside. Ihsss had work to do and needed to get it done before they could move out of here, to link up with the Earth Ships on their way to Earth.



     "What's going on doc?" Ihsss asked, and the familiar bleeping of a heartbeat echoed through the chamber. Ihsss had a surprised look on her face, a look of annoyance as well, when she saw Avatar's body on the life bed.



"He's alive." Falora said, "And before you ask why we did it or why he is not dead… We did not revive him. It must have happened when that short circuit and power surge went through the ship."



"Uh… oooh-kay." Ihsss said surprised, and suddenly was unsure what she was going to ask next. His statement had startled her, dissipating her annoyance and anger for being brought away from the repair efforts. The reptilian female walked toward the body of Avatar and stood next to fuzzy bearded old man. The same one she had said a few words of wisdom to. She wondered if he was alive then.



"Could he speak?" Ihsss asked, and Falora shook his willowy head. His large compound eyes showed a deep troubling expression.



"We have him sedated." Falora said, "He went into arrest when he saw us, and I wouldn't blame him for that coming back from the dead like he has. I know one thing Ihsss, we are in deep trouble."



"You aren't kidding." Ihsss said, "But this human sacrificed himself against all odds, saving his crew and home world. When he's stronger, I want to talk to him. Any man who is strong enough to survive that task can fight along side of me any time. Besides, I think he could hold the secret of getting out of this mess with the Cybertron and us arriving back in their time."



"What about the Yamato crew?" Falora said, "They know him as a hero and who died. We should have let things alone."



"Well…" Ihsss said, "They are now in this, and the first worlds to be destroyed. I am not going to let that happen. Also whatever happens, Avatar surely sacrificed himself, and he's still a hero, no matter he is alive or dead. He gets a burial, or a hero's welcome. It would be a win-win for Earth, his crew, and Avatar himself."



Falora went to his office. He took out two glasses and Ihsss turned to pull out a flask containing a purplish liquid. The willowy plant-like doctor shook his head, and he held up the orange one. He poured them a drink.



"I think a toast is in order." Falora began and Ihsss chuckled, nodding her large reptilian head. She had a big toothy grin on her face, as she regarded the willowy doctor for a long time, standing there. He had been with them from the beginning of the Cloud's adventures, rescued from a derelict ship of Elowan fleet that was half obliterated by the Cybertron.



"I agree wholeheartedly." Ihsss replied, still with a toothy grin on her reptilian features. 



"To Captain Avatar," Ihsss said, "Adventurer, statesman, and all around brave hero."



She held up the drink.



"May he live a long time and guide us on our homeward journey.”



"To the Clouds, and her Captain," Falora replied, "The crew who found a hero."



Ihsss smiled slightly to nod, perhaps even to bow slightly and downed the drink.



"Keep me informed on his progress." Ihsss replied, "I am going to check in on the bridge, and see what's happening."



     "I'll do that, Ihsss." The doctor replied, and the reptilian Captain nodded.



     On the bridge, Hi'Mthsss sat at her console, finishing the repairs to the communications station. She switched it on, and static echoed on the speakers. She had been working feverishly to reconnect the circuits and repair the scorched boards in the unit that was fried by the static charge that ripped through the ship. As she finished, reconnecting the components back onto the board, she plugged in the board into the nearby slot and reached up to hit the switch on her console. Her console beeped once as it initialized.



     "…U.S.S. Marauder to S.S. Magellanic Clouds. Please respond." A voice said, "Repeat, Earth Space Destroyer, U.S.S. Marauder to Clouds, please respond to this transmission."


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