Can A Dream Really Come True?

Avril McKalister wants to be in a rock band but thinks she can't sing or play guitar. But in reality, SHE'S ANAZING!!!


5. What will Andy think?

I still don't approve of calling Andy. I need to tell him in person. I decide to text him.

From Avril: Andy, I need u here ASAP! Sent 11:30am

From Andy: Is everything ok? Sent 11:31am

From Avril:  Depends on what you consider ok for an 18 year old girl. Sent 11:35am

From Andy: I'll be there in three. I think I know what u are hinting towards Avril, but I won't believe it until I have proof Sent 11:36am  

Andy arrived 3 minutes later. 'Oh god!' I thought.

"Av he's here." Manni said. "Is there something you need to tell me?" Andy asked.

"I'd rather show you." I said.

"Ok. Should I be worried?" Andy asked.

"Ummm I don't know." I said. I go and grab the pregnancy test and start to cry.

"Avril why are u crying?" Andy asked.

"Ummm I h-have s-some b-bad n-news." I said.

"Oh my god! Is that what I think it is?" Andy asked.

"Yeah. It's all real. I'm pregnant." I said. "Who's the father?" Manni asks.

"My boyfriend Caleb." I said.

"Ok good. You've been with him since sophomore year." Manni says.

"Omg if we are gonna give this baby a good life we have to put marriage on the table." I say.

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