Can A Dream Really Come True?

Avril McKalister wants to be in a rock band but thinks she can't sing or play guitar. But in reality, SHE'S ANAZING!!!


7. What do we do now?

Now that my parents kicked me out, I have nowhere to be. I mean I could stay with Caleb, but I don't want to be a bother, even if he is my baby daddy. 

From Av: Manni, what do I do now? Sent 10:05pm

From Manni: Av, it's Andy... Come stay with me. It was Manni's idea, Sent 10:06pm

From Av: Alright see you soon.

I go to Manni's house and immediately feel like I'm a bother. Like why did this have to happen now. "

Hey Av." Manni said.

"Hey. Andy are you sure about this?" I asked.

"Yeah. This can also help me make you a star like you want to be." Andy says.

"Thanks. I would love that." I say.

"Hell, I'll even take you and Manni on tour with me to keep consistent."

"Wait ur going on Tour?" I ask.

"Yep. I leave in a few days and I want you both to come with me." Andy says.

"Av, we have to go!"

"Alright Manni I'll come."


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