Can A Dream Really Come True?

Avril McKalister wants to be in a rock band but thinks she can't sing or play guitar. But in reality, SHE'S ANAZING!!!


4. Problem!!!

The next day, I find out some news that came at the wrong timing.

I text Manni. 

From Av: I need you here ASAP! Sent 10:55am

From Manni: I'm coming! Is everything ok? Sent 10:57am

From Av: Far from it. Sent 10:58am

Manni gets here faster than ever! 

"Av, what's wrong?" Manni asks. "Remember when I promised you I wouldn't get drunk again?" I ask.

"Yeah, why?" Manni asks

"Umm last night I broke that promise." I said.

"This is what u texted me to come over for? Av, don't worry about it." Manni said.

"Umm Manni there's m-m-more." I say crying.

"What is it?" Manni asked.

"Umm I'm pregnant. God I h-had no cl-clue! I d-didn't th-think it w-was p-possible." I said

"Av, we will get through this... Let me call Andy. He'll be able to help." Manni said

"NO! Manni, I don't want him to see me as just another teen who got knocked up!" I said

"Av, he won't. I know Andy and he won't think any less of you." Manni says

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