Can A Dream Really Come True?

Avril McKalister wants to be in a rock band but thinks she can't sing or play guitar. But in reality, SHE'S ANAZING!!!


2. Meeting Andy

I'm excited but also nervous to meet Andy. Even though Manni will be here with me the whole time, it's still nerve racking to meet him. 

"Manni, what if he doesn't like -" I start but Manni cuts me off.

"Av, he will. Don't worry!" Manni says.

The doorbell rings. Great he's here!

"Av, it's fine. Answer the door." Manni says.

"Manni I can't! Will you do it." I say.

She answers the door.

"Avril?" Andy says.

"Hi." I say.

"Avril I don't see anything to be insecure about... You have a great body and you look like the perfect rocker chick!" Andy says.

"Andy drop it! She has some pretty serious shit going on in her life." Manni says.

"Manni it's fine. Today is one of my good days." I say.

"Well Avril I can't wait to hear you sing." Andy says.

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