Can A Dream Really Come True?

Avril McKalister wants to be in a rock band but thinks she can't sing or play guitar. But in reality, SHE'S ANAZING!!!


3. Am I good enough?

Great! I know that I can't sing so why did I even agree to this? 

"Av, it's ok. Just do what u always do." Manni says

"Avril, you want to be in a rock band. I can make that happen. Just do your thing and we will work with it." Andy says.

"Manni I don't know what to sing." I say.

"One word... HOLIDAY!" Manni says.

I sing and at first Andy doesn't seem impressed but when I'm done they're both smiling.

"Was I really that good?" I ask.

"Yes. And good is an understatement... You were great!" Andy said.

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