Started With A Wrong Number

After sending a text message to the wrong number, Louis decides that it would be fun to continue texting this wrong number, and eventually forms feelings for this girl he hasn't even met


3. Chapter Three (Updated)

Chapter Three


Louis' P.O.V

I sat in bed staring aimlessly at my television.

"There's literally nothing on" I mumbled to myself

My phone vibrated

"Damn, she's always the first one to start the conversation"

I looked at my phone, it wasn't Jordan, it was Liam

"Hey bud" The text read

Louis: Hey

Liam: Whatcha doing BooBear?

Louis: Don't call me that

Liam: Little Lou pissed?

Louis: Shush

Liam: Awe poor, poor Louie

Louis: I hate u

Liam: Ouch

Louis: What do you want?

Liam: I just wanted to know if you heard from Niall lately

Liam: I already asked Harry and he said no

Louis: No, I haven't

Louis: And it's Harold, not Harry

Louis: Geez Leeyum

Liam: Whatever


I put my phone down and turned towards the television again

I sighed loudly and stared at my phone

"You know what? Today I'll text her first! In her face" I said to my pillow, grabbing my phone

"Oh don't look at me like that" I mumbled, rolling my eyes


Louis: Hey babe

Jordan: Hiiii

Louis: What's up?

Jordan: The ceiling, geez man, look up

Louis: That's not at all what I meant

Jordan: I know c:

Louis: Meanie

Jordan: Thank ya

Louis: What're you doing?

Jordan: Eating...

Louis: Eating what?

Jordan: Pizza :D

Louis: Aye, sharing is caring

Jordan: But I don't care

Louis: Oh... Okay...

Jordan: I was kidding boo

Louis: No, it's fine, I never liked you anyway

Jordan: Oh how rude


Jordan: I know stop reminding me *cries in a corner*

Louis: I'm sorry babe

Jordan: It's too late

Jordan: You are shunned

Louis: Really peasant? No one shuns me!

Jordan: Well I just did

Louis: ...

Jordan: Ha I left you speechless

Louis: No, I wasn't speechless, peasant, I was simply gathering the words for an awesome come back

Jordan: Sure... And stop calling me peasant

Louis: No, you're a peasant and I'm royalty

Jordan: Oh sorry, Queen, I totally forgot

Louis: Well don't let it happen again peasant

Jordan: ........ I hate u...........

Louis: Gaurds! Off with her head!!!!

Jordan: Witch!

Louis: If I was a witch, I'd be at Hogwarts... Idiot

Jordan: Rude

Louis: Hag

Jordan: Wow

Jordan: That hurt

Louis: Damn right peasant

Jordan: Meanie pants

Louis: Sorry not sorry babe

Jordan: -_-

Louis: Fine...

Louis: I'll stop doing that now

Jordan: Thank you :)

Louis: Yeah, yeah, whatever

Jordan: Love ya :)


Did she just say that she loves me...?


They should have a ship name!!! Comment what you think their ship name should be :) btw sorry this chapter is really short, I'll make the next one wayyyyy longer... Hopefully

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