Started With A Wrong Number

After sending a text message to the wrong number, Louis decides that it would be fun to continue texting this wrong number, and eventually forms feelings for this girl he hasn't even met


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


Louis: Babe

Louis: Babe

Louis: Babeeeee

Louis: Baby

Louis: Princess

Louis: Sweetheart

Louis: Baby cakes

Jordan: Yeah?

Louis: Oh, so you'll answer to 'Baby cakes' but not to anything else?

Jordan: Yeah, pretty much

Louis: Okayy

Jordan: So what do you want?

Louis: Wow, that's a very nice way to talk to your boyfriend

Jordan: Well I'm still at work Louie

Jordan: So what do you want?

Louis: I just wanted to say I love you, geez

Jordan: Okay

Jordan: I love you too Louis

Louis: Oh, and I was wondering if you'd like to meet up for lunch during your break?

Jordan: Wait, really?

Louis: Yes

Louis: I wanna see youuuu

Jordan: Okay, where at?

Louis: I'll just pick you up from work

Jordan: Okay

Jordan: Do i need to give you the address?

Louis: Yeah


Louis: Babeeee

Louis: What's taking you so loooong?

Jordan: Sorry, I'm on my way downstairs now

Louis: Hurry please




sorry that chapter was really short, the next one will be way longer, I just wanted to have more to work with in the next chapter hahahah 



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