Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


64. #63 Dear Brain, Buddy Please Cooperate (24/04/15)

Just SHUT UP for once
Stop the streams from overflowing out from that useless brain
Put on breaks on the car you're driving fast and insane
Mind is stupid bleaming useless rhymes
To the twisted nerves of the twisted inward eye
Unfaithful teachings, Just stop before being taught
Untruthful preachings, it's all a lie but you don't get caught
You're all an illusion
But my thoughts, an addictive dillusion
It's all impossible things I think of
Then it's hard to breathe when I know it's true
That it's impossible to be with you
Just slow down the streams
That flow within me like a flue
Contagious to make me clear to stand away from truth
Stop deceiving me as if I am a stranger
Make things to me more elucid
Instead of pushing me into danger
Because I am a mere innocent kid
Trapped on your purposely slippery pathways 
My car to future like this would soon skid.

You are me, you understand?
Stop pushing me and give me your hand
Take me up and up 
Higher, I am not a scared pup
I know what you are doing
I am family, don't get me falling
You are a part of me
Then let me see
How we could be
When we co-operate together in harmony.

So, brain,
Don't leave me alone
Be in control
Don't lose your track
I am behind your back
I'll be there for you
You'll be there for I 
Let's not make us fall into the pit
Instead make the sky a target we should together hit.

Please don't cheat on I
Because you're the last one me trusts
Do never say to innocence your goodbyes 
Or else like my words 
We'll both be stuck here like
DuMb wOrst bUds.

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