Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


57. #56 Can Love Be Blind Anyway? (04/05/15)

Can love be blind anyway?

I saw my mum yesterday
Tears pricking like sparkles trying to say
Something about that heavy ring
Which somehow did not bring
A smile onto her face
Marriage arranged 
But now happiness diplaced.

Can love be blind anyway?

At the darkest night the moon radiating
The weakest light, peace creating
Their eyes lock but just for a second
And for rest of their lives
As my experience reckoned
The relation got red and they broke their ties.

Can love be blind anyway?

Her beauty was beyond compare
A poet sung 'bout that eyes, bare,
His voice slowly cracking
Her motherhood slowly coming near
He sung 'bout her day and night
She is beautiful, that's right,
The waving strands floating had their own wings
This secret admirer tried more to sing,
He was in love just as he said,
But now he's shoved to dread,
She broke her promises,
He broke his too,
Isn't love where promises rule?

Can love by blind anyway?

I think it's my time to have my say,
I'll see when I fall someday
Till then this question would forever sway.

Can love be blind anyway?

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