Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


55. #54 Oxymoron (11/05/15)

I guess my future is oxymoron
Happy, lively, and slowly going on,
Not too fast, not slow
A bitter sweet symphony of, "Move on and go".

Just a little soft on the insides
And hard on outside
That's I want to be
You don't come and I'll be gone
I won't wait,
Yes, I'll be the exact oxymoron. 

I'll be strong enough to fight
Not like now when I am quiet
I'll open my mouth out wide
Someday you'll see the difference
You'll compare
It'll be the oxymoron of my present versus future
My shoulders will bear. 

All the North-South feelings
Will go away
The whole confused person you see today
Will disappear into a void
And appear as hard-core asteroid 
Burning fire more than ice
Melting water to suffice
The rage of my now would soon be gone
Making my present-future an oxymoron.

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