Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


51. #50 The River Of Golden Hills (26/05/15)

I saw a golden river,
You see it only in dreams
I am no special than you are,
But the river, oh it streams.

In curls where the locks lie,
The unstoppable river slowly strides,
Down the silver mount of hope
Into the chasm it merrily rides.

In the darkest point where ever you are,
It glows with great exuberance,
It shines, it's northern star,
With darkness it summons for a dance.

Its shiny pearls ray on roofs,
Of the deepest parts where you hide,
You've lived a lie, you see that proof?
the truth illuminated by northern lights.

The blissful river brims and swells,
Where you can't reach it, it pardons,
Though it's a dream it may somewhere,
Steal from the gardens,
It may be obscure, hidden behind,
Oh, it steals from my mind.

It was a partial sober bliss,
To seek a heaven on earth but in sleep,
My haze vision was sweetly kissed
And pulled out from the river so deep.

Oh, the river of golden hills,
I'll find you if I have to keep my breath still
Oh, the river of golden hills,
You will forever echo in me with your sweet trills.

Oh the river of golden hills.

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