Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


6. #5 Mythical Angel (10/04/16)

Invincible angel that I can't see
Who dwells in his dreams
Why in a hundred days i've held his hands
You're still a myth to me

the sirens in the black waters
They sing and beckon their pray
And he doesn't stir but
Your voice may crumble my day

Our strides may sort to slow down
But I sprint to match his gait
By his side i feel i am just a clown
When I see you on his back till date

I've tried on your magic shoes
Infuriated every time I don 
Over my tight fitted thick socks
They're too lose for us to move on.

I'd write those enchantments merrily
If you'd be so happy to share 
The cracks and crevices in his soul you made,
My soft hands try to fill, I dare

I live to see the colour of your eyes
That can't be forgotten once seen
The spectator revers your name on his lips
Where my heart is stuck in between.

Each star in the sky is etched with your name
Each word i speak is a repetition of time
So I sit dumb, he begs to play your games,
Fearing you, I write my anguish in my rhymes.

Oh angel, you're a myth that scares me
My heart so heavily cries and reeks
That now another day I kiss his lips,
It's only your sparkling taste I seek.

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