Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


50. #49 The Flowers Of The Seeds We've Sown (30/05/15)

I think,
I'm dreaming right now,
Ensconced in a deep sleep
Just dreaming somewhere
Away from here
Where people just watch me sleeping.

I think,
That when Einstein said universe could be twisted and turned
He meant those labyrinths were an escape to the real world
The world we live in 
Is just a simulation
All our work, all our sins,
Are just an examination
We are somewhere, detained and prisoned,
(Humanity is so bad thus that's my imagination)
Ony to speculate us
And decide if we deserve to live in the real world.

I think
There is a world of justice,
Different from our own
What we do here is what we get
We get flowers of the seeds we've sown.

I think,
What infants talk
Is a language of the real world
We're all given a second chance
Our thoughts have been swiped off,
We are in deep trance.

I think,
The reason why we fear God
Is because our God really watches us
Born and gone,
They have powers in their hands 
It's those people on whom our judgement depends on.

I think,
We all come from hell,
No one's 'granted' a good life
We made mistakes, that's why people tell,
We're just equal
That there is heaven and hell
We've lived hell and now we aim for heaven
We don't want our lives to be torn
At last but not the least,
We'll be given the flowers of the seeds we've sown.

I think,
That you think it's useless to think of it,
But there's no wrong in fantasising,
About a world fairer than this one,
But actually,
There's nothing left but to fantasise,
About a world better than our own,
That when we at last wake from our slumber to our judgement day,
We'll get the flowers of the seeds we've sown.

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