Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


49. #48 At Last (30/05/15)

Why do we breathe
When at death 
We have to stop breathing?

Why do we smile
When the happiness,
Fades away as we fall in darkness
As all we have to face is sadness?

Why do we laugh
When the next moment 
We only have to cry?

Why do we feel
When at last, in haste,
We're sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste?
We feel nothing
But the last beat
When our heart stops beating.

Why do we refrain to sweat,
To remove our odor with fake scent,
With fake scent we illumine,
But at last we smell like a human.

Why do we dress like gentlemen?
And why do we spend on make-up
When at last we'll all be corpses of men
When at last all coffins identically shape-up
Like a friend's or a fiend's,
When you'll be just another ash or body buried beneath
When you'll look just as dead
No matter how good you look now instead. 

Why do we earn?
Why do we live for money?
When it lives because of us
For if we weren't there
You won't have seen any printed face with a number
On just a piece of paper
When we won't take it away with us
When we would leave everything
Why do we built all these huge houses?

Why do we learn?
When we don't learn to love
It's rare that everyone knows you
Even when you know enough
And with you your mind buries in your grave.

All we do is forever scorn
I wonder why no one thought, that
Why are we even born?
When we are destined to have a grave, become ashes, hath,
She been beautiful, nothing like that matters,
Doth they love thou?
It's something they only know
It's burnt with them 
It's buried with them
Beside all their fellow mates
Some were merchants, some beggars,
They all went through the heaven's gate.

Why are we living?
Why do we adhere
To the norms of life?
Why are we even here?
Why are we moving ahead so fast?
When it all end at last.

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