Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


23. #22 Poetry- the love of my life (23/06/15)

There thou go
With thy words so sweet
Oh I swear to thee
You make my heart beat.

Oh, poetry, what art thou?
Art thou mine inner soul
Art thou this air I breathe
Art thou mine internal whole?

Oh, poetry where thou live?
Come hither thee
Cans't thou be a little hearty to give
Thy name, thy soul,
Oh, you make me whole.

Lovely poetry,
Pity this misfortunate lover
Your beauty I love to see
Don't vacant this lonely  heart
Paint thy words on these throbbing veins
Flow thy letters in this blood
Oh it won't pain.

Beloved poetry,
My heart thee hold
Beloved poetry,
Be my whole world.

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