Eternal Universe Of Mercury

A collection of my old and new poems.


19. #18 Buried Emotions, Secret Thoughts

I repent the way
You make me feel
Not a word you say,
My heart skips a beat. 

You're this ghost
Invisible, yet, imaginable
You hold my hand,
You hug me tight
It's only a dream
It'll all be right.

Like swift winds
You swivel and fly
Up in the clouds
Of my dreamy mind.

You come and go
And provoke me to think
A thousand unimaginable situations
A thousand unimaginable things.

I wish this was a lucid dream
I wish I could control your emotions
But you don't feel what I see
You don't see what I feel.

I am joker faking a smile
An ear looking into your eyes
Laughing at your silly jokes
Loving it when you make fun of me.

I am the one standing here
Under the rain I drench and adhere 
You in my thoughts
You in my mind 
Yes, I am that shadow
In the curtains behind.

Yes, I am that girl
Your eyes never find.

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