She's Just A Joke

At school ,
at home ,
anywhere she goes ....
She's only a joke ...


2. Chapter 2

Hanna's POV : 

I walked over to my Locker when I crashed onto someone .

My books went everywhere on the ground .

Oh well...

I looked next to me and saw Christine with a smirk on her face and the other person next to her i think was her boyfriend. He picked her up from the ground and glared at me .

He doesn't look like a bad guy tho....

"Lukey she hurt meee !!" Christine fake cried ..

I rolled my eyes at her and picked my books up.

Just when i was going to go away from them he pulled me to face him very close to one point where i could feel his warm breath on my neck .

I swear we were so close we could have kissed.

He looked me in the eyes.

"Don't you dare touch my girlfriend again !"

He said pushing me to the lockers . I wiped my forehead that had some blood and on it and i said 

"Well that would be hard because i live with that bitch ?!!" 

He turned around to face me and smirked .

" Who do you think you are ? Oh wait let me answer that for you . You are just a nobody , your just a joke . " He said turning and walking away from me with Christine .

"Oh and don't you dare ever touch my girlfriend again because I can make your life a living hell " He said smirking.

I didn't realize until now that there were people crowding around in a circle , giggling and pointing their fingers at me . Well isn't it already a great start of starting school . I walked away from them as i felt my phone vibrate a couple of times. I took my phone out of my pocket and went on Instagram . There were pictures blowing up like mad from what happened just now and i started to get hate comments on my posts like "Nobody needs you " or "Go kill yourself " ... U know those types of things ....

~Bell rings ~

Finally school is over ... well just for today ..

Ugh nooo..

I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus because everyone apparently hates me now even though they don't know me . I guess the only friend i will have is my phone ... I walked out of the building and went to the park. I sat down at a bench where it had a lovely blossom tree. Maybe I should come here more often .. Yeahh i like that idea . For the first time i felt so peaceful . I closed my eyes as the wind blew my hair behind my shoulders.

Finally some peace , finally no stress.

It's just me and this lovely tree.

But i guess i was wrong...


Hello unicorns sorry if this was a sucky chapter .. I promise one day i will have one u guys will like .. i hope . Anyway please follow me or give this a like if u enjoy this story . ;)







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