She's Just A Joke

At school ,
at home ,
anywhere she goes ....
She's only a joke ...


1. Chapter 1

Hanna's POV :

I woke up from the sound of my annoying alarm clock .

I groaned and squeezed my pillow to my chest .

" just five more minutes " I mumbled to myself .

Suddenly i heard my dad barged into my room .


He said shouting at me and then going back downstairs ..

I know , i know i do not have a nice dad . My Mom died a few years ago and my dad had to keep me . He obviously did not wan't to have me so he complained about it and made it into a huge deal so that it was even on the news . A few months ago my dad got married with a "actress"  so we had to move to Australia where she lived and she also has a daughter who turned out to be 100% a biatch and now my dad treats me like i am a useless old toy that he does not like or something ... 

After taking a quick shower I got up , walked over my closet and looked what i should wear for today .

I decided to wear a crop top that says whatever on it , high waisted shorts and my converse . 

I put on some mascara and tied my hair up into a messy ponytail .

I looked over at the mirror and saw my ugly face .


God i hate how my light brown hair reminds me of my mom , my green eyes ,my freckles and everything about me ...

( Not saying that she was ugly . She was the most beautiful women i knew )

I grabbed my school bag and went downstairs.

My step 'sister' ( i don't know if she even deserves to have that status ) rolled her eyes at me

" Took you long enough freak !" She said glaring at me . 

" Whatever " I answered .

We walked over to HER car and her friends were already sitting on the seats . Christine took a seat and i just stood there like an idiot waiting for them to move to make space ..

" Just sit at the back " Christine said pointing there .

How the hell can i sit there when there the seats are 'taken' by all the shopping bags they put there. 

" Ewww can she not come with us " Lisa and Becca begged Christine ..

I rolled my eyes at them and went to the back seat .

" As much as i wan't to leave her on the street where she belongs, my mom would totes kill me " She said rolling her eyes . 

Omigod did she just say that ?!!1

That bitch .....

The girls kept on talking about what they did on Summer and the latest fashion trends ..

I look out of the window and sigh .

This is going to be a long Year .....



I hope u guys like this story so far ...




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