The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


16. Chapter 16

It was now about 9'o'clock and Harry and I had just got home. It was an early one as all the others had kids that they had to get to bed. 

"Do you wanna watch a movie or something?" Harry asked. 

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "And do you know what I wanna watch?" 

"Er, I don't know," Harry asked. 

"Oh, come on, you so know!?" I giggled. 

"Yeah, sorry I'm not sure," He shrugged. 

"Okay well we seemed to have lost the telepathic bond that we used to have, but we can work on that," i smiled. "And it's 'Love Actually', of course," 

"You know what, I was gonna say that," Harry said sarcastically. He was defiantly not going to say that. 

I rolled my eyes as him, laughing. "I'm gonna change first though," 

I got into my pyjamas and a hoody and found the DVD for Love Actually, before curling up under a blanket on the sofa. 

"Hey, do we have any popcorn or anything?" I called to Harry. 

"Maybe the telepathic thing does still work," He smiled, appearing with a huge bowl of popcorn. 

He sat down next to me, stealing half of my blanket and putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. 

"I love this movie," I sighed, as it started playing. 


"So I wanted to talk to you about something," Harry said as the credits started to appear at the end of the movie. It then became apparent that he had clearly wanted to have said this for the past 2 hours as as soon as the first name, from the credits, came up he spoke out. 

"Uh ha," I replied, turing to face him. 

"So I've been thinking, I might try and give my music career another go," 

"Harry that's great!" I exclaimed, embracing his in a hug. 

"Really you think so? It's just you know, if it takes off I'll be away a lot and there might be a tour and you know... do you think we're ready for that?" He asked. 

"I think its a great idea, and if it takes off it takes off - we can tackle that problem when we get to it. And its not like this would be a new thing in our lives, we're pretty qualified in the 'on tour relationship' area," I laughed. 

"Okay good, I didn't know if you would freak," Harry smiled. 

"No, I am completely behind you and I support you with whatever you choose to do. What has inspired you to try again then, me?" I laughed, obviously joking about the last bit. 

"Well it sounds cheesy but yes, I don't - there's more going on in my life. Amanda and I had been issues for a while now, i think that's why our separation came so easy, I don't think it was much of a surprise to either of us. I dunno, I just think that if I were to start writing song, I would have more to write about," He explained. "And there is a lot more sex in my life,"

"Hey, all your songs better not be about sex. I have to introduce you to my Grandma at Christmas and she would 100% buy your album," 

"What and realise truths about her not-so-innocent Grand-daughter?" Harry smirked. 

"Stop it, I'm just warning you," I giggled. 

"Do you wanna talk about it?" I asked, after a moment. 

"About sex?" Harry questioned. 

"No about you and Amanda, your issues?" I replied. 

"Nah its all over now, let's not dwell on the past," He sighed. 

"Might be good to get it all out in the open, could be a song about heartbreak or loss," I suggested. 

"Alright fine, but only for the music, not because I actually feel like disgusting her," He rolled his eyes. 

"Well, Amanda and I were very different. She was the daughter of one of my Mum's friends, and my Mum kind of set us up. I was in a bit of a low place, this was post you, post music failure, I had already travelled the world and seen a therapist and this was the point where I lived in my Mum's house and literally did nothing. So basically Amanda came over one day, with her Mum actually, which is kinda weird and we went out for lunch, the four of us. The forth person being my Mum. And we didn't really hit it off, it was a very forced situation. Anyway about a month later I was invited to a wedding, I didn't really know the guy very well, I went to school with him, anyway irrelevant. He said I could bring a date and as I was pretty much depressed and very much alone, I invited Amanda - I was very desperate. Anyway we went to the wedding, it was fun, we both got very drunk and we slept together. Now this is where it gets complicated, I thought it was just a one night stand, but the next day she was texting me and she came over to my Mum's house and she told my Mum we were going out. This freaked me out a lot at this stage. Anyway, she is basically not my type, she was just so organised and body and she was always just on at me for anything I did, and she made me get up in the morning etc." 

"Ouch," I giggled. 

"I had been living like a slob for a while now so this was a big deal," 

"Anyway, we basically just disagreed about a lot of thing and she just annoyed me a lot. I don't think your girlfriend is meant to annoy you," 

"Wait but weren't you engaged?" I asked. 

"Ah yes, our engagement," Harry said rolling his eyes. 

"Basically, my Mum thought we were a great couple, so she gave me my Grandmother's engagement ring thinking I was going to propose, even though I told her I was not. I should mention that at this point we did not live together, but Amanda stayed over a lot. Basically one evening she had just said all these things that annoyed me so much and I had decided that enough was enough and I was going to break up with her. So at dinner I told her that we needed to talk, and then she told me that she had found the ring and that she would marry me. And I froze. Even though she annoyed the hell out of me, I couldn't tell her that I didn't intend to propose, I felt bad so I went with it," Harry explained. 

"Also speaking of sex, the sex was defiantly an issue. She couldn't do spontaneous sex, like there had to be an event. Our anniversary, one of our birthdays, our engagement. Like I was with her for 2 years, we must have had sex like less than 10 times," 

"And for a sex addict like you, that must have been really hard," I laughed. 

'You know what I mean," He smirked. 

"Anyway, long story short we disagreed on everything, I didn't ask her out and I didn't propose, so she kind of just put herself in each situation with me, we just didn't belong together," 

"Harry, can I ask you something?" I questioned. 

"Yeah, sure go ahead," he smiled. 

"You know you said it wasn't a surprise when you and Amanda separated," I said. "Did you know or even think that she could be having an affair?" 

"God no, I noticed she was more distance, but then again I probably was too. And we didn't see each other all that much, but thats because I was often with you and she was probably with Gavin," He explained. 

"Yeah sure, I just can't help but feel bad," I shrugged. 

"They were no worse than us, we are all equally as bad," He smiled. "Look, no one got hurt, everyone's happy. Maybe it was a sign that we were all with the wrong person," 

"Maybe," I smiled, turning to him and kissing him. 

"What was that for?" Harry smiled, after a few seconds. 

"Just being, ...spontaneous," I smiled, slowly undoing the buttons of my pyjama shirt. 

"I love you," Harry smiled, kissing me. 


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