The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


13. Chapter 13

"Hi," I heard Eleanor call before she had even opened the door. 

I looked up at Harry and smiled. 

"Come on in, come on it. Oh," She said opening the door to see both of us stood in front of her. 

"We brought wine," I smiled, handing it to her. 

Eleanor looked up from the wine bottle she was now holding. "We?" She questioned. 

"Yeah, we have some explaining to do," Harry answered. 

"Well come on in," Eleanor smiled. 

We followed her through to the living room, where everyone else was already sat. 

"Where's Amanda?" I heard Shayla ask.

"Unfortunately, Amanda's not gonna make it," Harry smiled. 

"So?" Eleanor said, looking at me. We all sat down. 

"So, Harry and I may or may not have had an affair which lead to my divorce with Gavin and his separation with Amanda and know we are kind of back together ish," I said really quickly. 

"What?" Eleanor asked.

"Also minor detail, that Gavin and Amanda are also sleeping together, so we are like even stevens," Harry added. 

"Wow," Niall said. 

Everyone was silent for a few moments. 

"When did all this start?" Eleanor asked. 

"At Niall's party," I replied. 

"Did I not predict that or what?" I heard Eleanor say to Louis. 

"But honestly guys, it's not a big deal, we are completely cool," Harry smiled. "How's everyone else?" He asked. 

​And we are talking talking again and just like that everything was back to normal. It was almost as though the last seven years had never happened, it was all as it was before, apart from the fact that there were about ten kids all running around the house - that was a reminder that time had pasted. 

"Harry," I looked at him as we lay in bed that night. 

"Yes," He replied turning to face me.

"What do you think about children?" I asked, knowing this was a risky question. 

"I want to have about ten and live in a cottage in the countryside with you and raise them all together," He smiled, it almost made me laugh from the contrast to what Gavin's answer was when I asked him the same question about three weeks ago. "Why?"

"Just because Gavin was all anti-children and didn't think we were ready and all this," I said. 

"Well babe, I'm ready when you are," Harry smiled. 

"Not just yet," I replied. "But soon, I like what we have at the moment," I smiled. 

"I love you," Harry smiled, kissing me. 

"I love you too," i replied. 

"Okay, now when I said ten children before, I may have been exaggerating," Harry laughed. "How about four?" 

"Four!" I exclaimed. "You know the babies have to actually come out of my vagina," 

"Okay, three?" Harry questioned. 

"Okay yes, I can deal with three," i smiled, kissing him. 

"I'm so excited to properly start my life with you," I said. "Now that everyone knows and there are no secrets,"

"Me too," Harry smiled. 

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