The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


11. Chapter 11


"Wow-ie," Harry smiled, appearing from the bathroom with a towel around his waist. "You look insane,"

"Why, thank you," I replied, applying a dark red lipstick to my lips. 

Harry walked over to me, running his hands down my sides. "What is this? A nightie?" He asked. 

"It's a silk dress," I corrected him. 

"So basically a nightie," Harry laughed. "Well, easier for me to remove tonight," He whispered, moving my long hair out of the way so he could kiss my neck. 

He began to suck lightly at my neck, making me throw my head back into his shoulder. I span myself around, connecting our lips. Harry started to walk towards the bed, placing my down gently. 

"Harry, we're leaving in like two minutes," I sighed. 

"We'll be quick," He smirked. "I'm in a towel and you're in a nightie, we don't exactly have layers and layers of clothing separating us,"

So we began to kiss on, I allowed him to remove my dress over my head, before there was a knock at the door.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Liv called. 

"Uh ha, one second," I replied, pushing Harry off of my and slipping my dress over my head. "Put some clothes on," I whispered to him. 

"Yep, ready," I smiled, opening the bedroom door just enough so I could slip out into the hallway. "Wow, love that dress," I smiled at her. 

"Thanks girl!," Liv replied. "Where's Harry?" 

"He just out the shower," I answered. 

A few minutes later Harry joined us, wearing some black jeans and a white shirt. 

'Ready to go ladies?" He asked, holding out both of his arms for us to link in to his. 

"Woo yeah woo yeah!!" Liv exclaimed. 

We got a taxi to the club and waited in line for a few minutes before making our way in. 

"I'll go get some drinks," Harry shouted over the music. 

Liv and I made our way to the dance floor, dancing together to the loud music. 

"I'm so sorry your trip's been kinda shit," I shouted over the loud music. 

"No, don't worry. None of it was your fault, and I got to spend loads of time with you," She smiled, shouting back. 

"I'll come over to you next, see the fan," I laughed, I hadn't been to America in so so long. 

"Your drinks ladies," Harry said, returning with three drinks in his hands. 

"Cheers!" I shouted, clinking our glasses. 




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