The Next Door Neighbour 4

What happens when the gang reunites after 10 years?


1. Chapter 1


10 years later:

Katie's POV:

"Come on babe we have to go," I heard a voice shout from the hallway.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I called back whilst slipping on my other high heel and grabbing my handbag. "I can't believe you are seriously dragging me along to this birthday party anyway, I won't know anyone there," I complained.

"You know me," Gavin smirked.

"I guess that will do," I smiled, slowly kissing him.

"But come on, we're gonna be late," He said.

We arrived at the party and I felt extremely out of place, not only did I not know anyone here, but this was the first party I had been too in such a long time. The lights around us were dim, but bright enough so I could see everyone. This wasn't so much a 'party' party, it was a social event and one of Gavin's friends 30th Birthday.

"I'm gonna go and grab us some drinks," Gavin smiled.

"No, don't leave me, I'm coming with you," I objected.

He rolled his eyes at how childish I was being and chuckled slightly.

"Oh look, there's Niall, I'll go and introduce you," Gavin smiled.

Niall was one of Gavin's golfing friends, I had never met the guy before, but Gavin often went on about how he kept meaning to have him over for dinner.

"Hey Niall, happy birthday dude, I'd like you to meet my wife-" Gavin started.

"Katie?" Niall said, as we gained eye contact.

"Niall?" I replied, very confused.

I hadn't seen Niall or any of the 'gang' in about seven years and if I'm perfectly honest I hadn't given any of them much thought over that time. Harry in particular, I had chosen to have forgotten. About seven years ago there were many rumours of how he cheated on me with Kendall Jenner, I thought they were just publicity rumours, but Harry himself admitted they were true.  I respected his honesty, but at the end of the day, he still cheated on me and I couldn't be with him. I haven't spoken to him or any of the 'gang' since.

"So you two know each other?" Gavin asked, bringing me out of my thoughts and back to reality.

"We used to know each other," I corrected him, smiling politely at Niall.

"Yeah we used to be close friends actually," Niall continued.

"Well, now you know someone, I'll finally go and get our drinks," Gavin smiled, heading off in the direction of the bar.

I smiled at him, looking back at Niall. "Small world huh?" I smiled.

"Yeah, so how have you been?" Niall asked.

"Yeah, good thanks," I smiled. "How are you, how is everyone?" I questioned.

"And by that, do you mean how's Harry?" Niall asked.

"No, actually, I really don't care," I replied quite honesty. "Is he here though?"

"Yeah, he's around here somewhere," Niall said, looking around.

"Oh no, I don't want to speak to him or anything. Just wondering," I replied.

"Okay," Niall smirked.

"Niall, I'm a married women," I answered. "Anyway, how are you, how's Shayla?"

"I'm great, Shayla's great, we just had our second child," He beamed.

"Oh my God, congrats!" I exclaimed, throwing my arms around him into a hug.

"Well you two seem to be well acquainted," Gavin smiled, reappearing with a drink in each hand.

"Thanks babe," I smiled, taking the drink off him.

"Well, we will definitely need to catch up some time," I said to Niall. "Hey Gavin, we can finally have that dinner you are always talking about,"

"I'll look forward to it," Niall smiled. "See you later,"

"Well that was weird," Gavin laughed.

"Good weird, bad weird?" I asked.

"Good weird, just random," He chuckled. "Anyone else you randomly going to bump into?" He asked probably as a joke.

"Well, I'd just like to warn you, there was like a big group of us and probably most of them are here, so just incase your confused..." I sort of trailed off. Do I mention Harry or not?

"How ironic, you probably know more people at this party than me," Gavin smiled.

"Katie Brown, is that you?" I heard a voice call behind me.

I span around to find Eleanor grinning at me and pulling me into a huge hug.

"Oh my God, I haven't seen you in years!" She exclaimed, still hugging me. "I've missed you so much, we all have,"

"Well not all of you," I mumbled quietly, so only she could hear.

"Oh trust me-" Eleanor started, I didn't let her finish.

"Eleanor, this is my husband Gavin. Gavin this is one of my oldest friends Eleanor," I introduced.

"Pleasure to meet you," Eleanor smiled.

"You too," Gavin replied.

"Okay so I'm gonna go and speak to some of my friends over there, you're alright though," Gavin asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, you go and have fun," I smiled.

"Husband!" Eleanor exclaimed. "Katie Brown, tied down, who knew?"

"Well I'm actually Katie Draper now," I smiled.

"Aw, my little girls all grown up!" Eleanor cooed.

"All the girls are over here in this corner, come and say hi," Eleanor said excitedly, dragging me over to a small corner.

"Oh my God! Katie?" I heard Perrie shout.

We all had our screams and hugs were out of the way and once we were all finally settled down, I noticed there was another girl, sat among us. She had long dark hair, similar to mine and she was pretty, really pretty.

"Hi, sorry I don't believe we've meet, I'm Katie," I smiled, holding out my hand.

"Hi, I'm Amanda," She replied. "Shall I go and get us all some more drinks, you obviously all want to celebrate this little reunion,"

"So who's that?" I asked as she left, not in a rude way, just wanting to know how she had come into their group.

No-one answered, which told me everything I needed to know. She was obviously Harry's girlfriend or something.

"Hey babe," I heard a voice, that wasn't Gavin's behind me.

I turned around as they touched my shoulder, only to be looking up to the person I was trying to avoid.

"Katie?" Harry said.


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