Writers Block

Cassy is a famous novelist she is known for her adventure romance books but what does she do when she has writers block. Cassy decides that she is going to visit her mom in a small town that she grew up in. Cassy finds something she never knew she lost.


1. Authors note

Author's note: Hello everyone Its me Love is love999 and this is my first Movella and I hope all of you will like it and I am sorry if there is any mistakes and for slow updating I hope you will be patient with me summer vacation is just around the corner so I'll be updating a lot when I'm on vacation but for now I will be updating when I have the time.... Please do not copy or anything in that matter I will try and update every friday... The First chapter will be this friday hope you have a nice day or night.

                                                                                                                                           - Love is love999



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