1. prologue

What would you say if I said I have Multiple Personality Disorder. All of my close friends know. I have names for my self. Badass Stephanie and Sweet Stephanie. Badass Stephanie got me arrested twice. And Sweet Stephanie is a honor roll student.

Sweet Stephanie; A honor roll student with cute clothing. Favorite color: Pastel Pink usually wears Floral. Loves bows, and is just every parents dream child. Loves Family.

Badass Stephanie; Vandalizes kinda blackish I don't care about life style. Favorite color Black. Hate pretty much everything. Gets away with lots of thing ignores family. Just well a badass.

Well that's them for ya. I would love to go life without them but there basically me there my personalities.

a/n I will be updated soon thanks for reading coming soon,

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