Game of Life

A collection of poems inspired by the cards in a tarot deck! This little endeavor was conceived in order to let me understand the tarot deck more, so everything is quite experimental, and may be a little confusing as well. Hope you enjoy! ;)


4. III - The Empress

Keywords: motherliness, family, fertility, home, a primal force of nature

There is one thing all creatures know
And crave
From their first breaths 
It is the warmth of the mother
And then, a place called home 

By the mothers' love
We are swaddled and protected
By the mothers' hands 
We are raised and taught 
All we know, all we love
Under her grace 
May we grow strong 

From dawn to dusk the mothers toil 
Giving their all 
To their flesh and blood 
The mothers' children are like the sun 
Her lifeblood, her all, her everything

To the orphans
The outcasts 
The helpless
The pitied

Who wander this world
Looking for that motherly love
Worry not, for
It is ubiquitous
And not attached to blood-relation
For any and all may become a mother
Nurturer of nature
And humanity 


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