Game of Life

A collection of poems inspired by the cards in a tarot deck! This little endeavor was conceived in order to let me understand the tarot deck more, so everything is quite experimental, and may be a little confusing as well. Hope you enjoy! ;)


1. 0 - The Fool


Key words: New beginnings, potential, youth 

He who shines
With buried potential 
An uncut gem 
A dormant seed
Untested, untried
He plunges, with vigor
Into the game of life
Only to find 
a fork in the path

One to the adder in a pit 
A swift death 
Borne on coiled springs 
Gone will be the young adventurer 

The other, lined with crystal roses
Is as becoming as a sultry maiden
They will shatter 
Under his eager steps 
From one kind of beauty to the next
Thorns and shards shall pierce his soft feet
The blood of his sole
Like rubies amidst ice
If only he knew how long was the road 
Lined with deadly, beautiful crystal roses 

Such a fate could be avoided

If he were unhurried, if he'd had plans
If he had the foresight to see the traps 
If only he knew
The path of life 
Was one's own to pave 
Then he could've avoided 
The pains
Of living another's life


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