Just For The Summer (TC Carter After Romeo Fanfiction)

TC is a singer but all sirena wants is a guy that appreciates her for her. Not a guy that's just gonna use her for her looks and her love and a waste of her time. She needs a guy that will appreciate having her over all the time and loving her and having her for her nothing else.

what will happen??


5. Almost Tour Life

      It was the day we were leaving to go on tour with After Romeo. Than all I did was look at my family and tear up a little laugh and smile. I went to them and I hugged them all so tight one by one. I went by the van and I went to walk in but then my name was called. I looked out the door before getting in fully. I looked to my left and all of my friends were standing there and I couldn't believe it. I ran to Bree and than Amber and then Joselito and then I went to everybody else. But when I went to walk away I heard 2 people say

"What about me?"

I turned around and all of my friends moved to reveal Carlos, his brother Christian, Adam from Bergen Technical High School and Antwon.


I ran to Adam first. Than I ran to Antwon. I hugged him so tight. Of course I skipped Carlos and I hugged Christian and I didn't want to let go but I had to since I had to leave for tour right now. I went to walk away and Carlos yelled:

"I know you're mad at me but why and why are we not friends. you were in love with me and now your with this dickhead." Before he even finished I yelled.


"First of all I'm mad at you because you said you were gonna talk to me at the Coffeehouse in April and you never did then you believed the girls that tried to turn you against me. Plus we are friends just not speaking terms because you never answer my messages and you never tell me when we can talk and plus I know that you know I loved u but now I had to move on from you because, you never can talk and now you're with your ex whore again and you know what I don't know why you went back to her she dated your best friend and she never even stayed with him for long. Now to tell you the truth I had to move on and even though he's in a band but he cares for me and he actual talks to me whenever I need to tell them something. I may have just started dating him yesterday and became best friends with them all yesterday also but they seem more like my friends then u. Carlos I loved you yes and you what I'm gonna say what I wanted to ask you and talk to you about to. I was gonna ask u out and I was gonna tell you how much I loved you and why I fell for you but you never answered my messages to talk so it never happened.  Also, this guy has a name and his name is TC and he's not a dickhead. To be honest I love u Carlos but you're being a dickhead right now. and I know that my friends are gonna be on your side with this one but you never ever wanted to talk to me I know it. Plus you never even decided to tell me how you actually felt. so, you know what I guess ill go to prom with my boyfriend this year since you don't want to talk about what I wanted to talk about." I explained and went to walk away and then he said


"wait can you just look at me the way you would if we were dating. Right Now!!"

I turned around and he was kneeling down with roses saying:

"Will You go to my Senior Prom with me?'

I looked at TC and I was confused he knew about it but how. I wanted to know what he was laughing for. Then I looked at Carlos started to cry and I ran down the street. I heard someone running after me.


"Sirena are you ok?" Blake asked.


"I'm fine I guess. But I can't say yes what if I hurt TC but if I say no I'm gonna hurt Carlos and I don't want to do that to him. Should I say yes Blake?" I asked.


"To be honest I would say yes. I really would but its your choice!" Blake exclaimed.


"I think I'm gonna say yes." I said.


"Then go ahead I mean TC will probably understand why you said yes to him." Blake said.

I then turned around and TC was right there. He agreed with my decision. I then Went to walk away but instead I ran up to TC and hugged him. He then gave me a piggy back ride to the car. He put me down and I went by Carlos and I said yes. Carlos hugged me and we left for tour. I was excited I was going to prom and im going on tour with my boyfriend to and his friends and my friends now lol.





Prom wasn't until next week so I was prepared my dad gave me his credit card to buy stuff for prom but I said I cant I have to have mom with me to pick it out. They nodded and let me take it anyways for stuff I saw and wanted to get.



I then left in the van for tour. I was ready.




Me and TC went in the back of the van and laid down and we looked into each others eyes and we kissed and cuddled.










What will happen on tour now??



We will have to wait and see??

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