The word `Nirvana comes from the Sanskrit `nir and vati`. Means to `extinguish`- like extinguishing a flame. Nirvana is liberation from cycle of birth and death and release from sorrows and sufferings. Nirvana is salvation and perfect bliss.


1. Liberation

" Death is not extinguishing the light

It is only putting out the lamp

Because the dawn has come."


Nirvana-an indescribable state of non-existence, non-becoming, and non-beingness

The Highest state of Enlightenment,

A state of Blissful Ego- less-ness.

Freedom from all bondage- of birth and death.


Nirvana is bursting the bubble of existence for a Jain,

Cessation of suffering for a Buddhist,

Union with Brahman-Brahma Nirvana for a Hindu;

A final release from Karmic bondage,

life of renunciation, non-seeking and non-striving for all.


Nirvana- liberation through self-purification

experiencing pure consciousness;

"At the still point of the turning world"

"There would be no dance and there is only the dance."

The English poet T.S. Eliot prefers the Vedic image as he describes the timeless state Nirvana.

Moksha, Mukti, Kaivalya, Stillness, Nirvana- Many names to the unnamed name.


The two elements of Nirvana:

Nirvana in life with a remainder of attachment,

the enlightenment apparent in wisdom and experience;

And without a remainder of attachment

Nirvana at the end of life.- all existence utterly cease.


Nirvana-a journey through time from the transient body to the divine consciousness

 timeless and deathless state.

The Zen monk stares at death- his Nirvana-

'How calm the ocean

Towering the void! "


Shankaracharya ,the Hindu philosopher's Nirvana in life:

" I am all pervasive...

I have neither attachment to the world nor to the liberation ( Mukthi )

I am everything, everywhere, every time, ever in equilibrium,

I am indeed, That eternal knowing and bliss,

Shiva, love and pure consciousness.


The passion for liberation-

the last bondage to be renounced, for Aurobindo the philosopher,

because bondage is an illusion as soul is forever  perfectly free.


Moments of great sorrow  or great joy 

there is that extraordinary sense of infinite bliss;

Nirvana is its own explanation,

its own fulfillment and its own realization;

limitation of the Absolute into the Relative

and liberation of the Relative into the Absolute;

Unmanifest into the manifest and manifest into the unmanifest.


" Man earth's child and heaven's heir."

The true seer realizes spiritual significance in natural facts;

The same conscious light dwells in the world out side and the world within.

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