I Will Go Anywhere

// I will go anywhere.


1. I will go anywhere



If you want to see the world and abandon all you know

I will take your hand in mine and lead you where you want to go

I will guide you through the night if you ever lose your way

I’ll put rainbows on your path when the sky is turning grey


If you want to feel the waves and see the coasts of every sea

I will build you a ship just big enough for you and me

I will take you to the shore and sprinkle sand between your toes

and sail you all around the globe to prove how far my love goes


If you want to meet your father who’s been gone for eighteen years

I will hold your shaking body, I will kiss away your tears

I will make you smile again if he’s not who you thought he’d be

and I will promise you a thousand times that I will never leave


If you want to climb a mountain to escape all noise and talk

I will carry you myself, I will walk the longest walk

I will take you to the top where your problems look so small

I will help you touch the moon and stars and catch you if you fall


If you want to see your mother even though she won’t see you

I will tell her ‘bout your kindness, I will make your wish come true

‘cause even though you still look like a man she used to know

she should know about your passions, hear you laugh, and watch you grow


If you want to run away, forget your past and all you’ve done

I will run right by your side until your worries are all gone

I will run through desert heat and through the cold and pouring rain

I will run until forever if it takes away your pain


If you want to find a quiet place where you can be alone

I will offer you a paradise that you can call your own

and if you want me to leave after all I’ve given you

I will cry and I will break, but I will do that for you, too


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