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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


30. Why Should I Believe Again?

Sofia's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, but then regretted it. Because once I opened it a little, my head felt like a bullet was shot through it. What happened to me?

I again opened my eyes, trying my best to ignore the pounding headache I'm having.

The last thing I remembered was entering a bar and ordering some alcohol, but other than that, I don't know what happened

I looked around to see that I was in a room. After my eyes adjusted, I saw that this room was kinda familiar. Wait, this is my room! This is my room in Taylor's flat! How'd I get here?

I shook those thoughts off, not really wanting to think so much because it only worsened the headache I was having. I hopped off my bed and looked around, if she brought me home, then she must have left some pain killers around

I looked some more and unfortunately, I didn't find any pain killers. But atleast I know where to find some. They were in a cabinet in the kitchen

I walked down the stairs slowly, my head was really pounding and I need some pain killers, NOW. I went to the kitchen and opened up the cabinet to see a pack of pain killers. I took them out and took out a water bottle from the fridge and took the pain killers in. That's it, I'm never drinking again

I walked around the house some more while carrying my water bottle. I thought I'd bump into Taylor by now, but I still haven't seen her. Maybe I should say thank you, if she's the one who brought me home

I walked up the stairs again, thinking she was in her room, and walked towards her door. I knocked once, no reply. I knocked again, still nothing

" Taylor? " I asked, and still nothing " Taylor, are you in there? " I asked, and HOLY CRAP! Still nothing ;). " Where is she? " I asked, irritated, once I got back down to the couch

Then, the front door burst open revealing Taylor. She looked worried, which made me pretty worried

" Sofia, thank God you're awake " she said while holding her chest

" Taylor, uh, thank you for bringing me home. I- " I started but she cut me off

" No time for that, I went to Harry's place to help him get back with you because I know you miss him. I- " she started but this time, I cut her off

" Wait what? Taylor I do NOT miss him. Don't jump to comclusions. I'm thankful that you helped me last night, but please, when it comes to 'him', don't help me. I don't want him anymore " I said making her run her hands through her hair, why was she acting like this?

" But maybe he needs you. Maybe he really did love you. Maybe you're the one who can stop him from doing something he'll regret and probably put his own life in danger " he said making me nervous, what was she saying? WS she saying that he might commit suicide? No, maybe Taylor and Harry are just playing me. Maybe Harry only wants me back because he hasn't fu*ked me yet. An maybe he got Taylor to help her

" And why should I believe you? Why should I believe everything you're saying? Why should I believe again? " I asked coldly making her look down, I know she knew I wasn't buying a thing

" Sofia, what I'm saying is the truth. He needs you. I saw how recked he is with my own to eyes " she said. Yeah right, after everyone who lied to me, does she think I'll believe her?

" Yeah, maybe you need to get your eyes checked. I can help you with that, you want? 'Cause really even if you don't want to get your eyes checked, you need it " I said sarcastically and coldly

" Why don't you believe me anymore? " she asked making me let out a dry laugh

" Why don't you ask yourself? Try asking yourself, " why haven't I told Sofia about me and Harry before? " or " why did I have to lie and tell Sofia that Harry broke my 'friend's' heart? " maybe you'll find the answer if you ask that " I answered before walking past her to leave. I already brought my bag down so I can easily walk out, which I just did

It's not my fault I seem heartless, I just started to use my heart less ever since I was hurt. It's easier that way


Hey guys! How is this? Please let me know your thoughts an also some suggestions you would like to suggest for this movella because I would love to hear it. ILYGSM!

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