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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


15. My Songs

Sofia's POV

Today was the day. The day when the world will finally meet the real Sofia Swift. The real music of Sofia Swift.

I woke up at about 8 and took a 30 minute bath, you just gotta look good and fresh. After that, I went to my closet and took out my pink colared shirt, some black skinny jeans and a pink low boot shoe with heals. I put those on and went to my new purse rack ( which I still had to buy ) and took my black leather purse and put my phone, wallet, sanitizer and notebook with my written songs

I went downsairs to see Harry in the tv room or living room

" Hey, where ya goin? " he asked " studio, gotta show my manager the songs I wrote and record it, if my manager's manager is impressed, then I get to write my own songs while my song writters co-write " I explained " oh, well I'm sure it's ALL gonna be a hit, not like what your song writters write alone " he said and I giggled " thanks, see ya at I guess 3 or 4 " I said an waved goodbye while he watched me leave

I got to the studio at about 10:45. Just in time to record the three best songs that I wrote and be done by lunch time.

" Hey Brianna " I said while entering my recording studio " hey Sof, so get your songs ready so when my manager arrives which will be soon, you can record emediately " she said and I noded. I positioned my sheet music infront of where I'm gonna record. I tested the mic and checked if my head phones work, which all of them did.

After a few minutes, my manager's manager, Daniel, arrived

" Ok, let's start this because I have more meetings to attend too. If these songs that you will record this day will not be a hit in 1 week after it's released, then your writters will still write your songs. Are you sure you didn't tell Taylor to write this for you? So you'll look like a great writter? " he questioned which actually made me mad " no sir, I'm not that kind of artist. I know there are a lot of artist that fit that description but I'm definitely not one of those artists who cheat just to get respect. I work for my respect " I said in the nicest way possible " ok, start now " he said and I went to the recording booth.

Once I was inside, I put on my headphones and Daniel did too

" What are the tittles of the songs? " he asked and I looked at the sheets " ' Far From Ok ', ' Hold On ' and ' I Don't Wanna Grow Old ' " I said and he noded " sound like tittles your sisters may write " he whispered which I think was on perpose because he knew he was wearing earphones and I can hear but, I just let it slide.

I started with the first song ' Far From Ok '

~~Skip Lyrics~~

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~~Back To The Story~~

After I finished all of the songs, I went out of the recording booth and saw that Brianna had a big smile

" Sofia, that was good writting, different era but the era before was definitely better. Kinda sounds like your sisters era " he whispered the last part, probably cause he meant that it was still Taylor who wrote it. Either way, I let that slide, no use, he was much more powerful compared to me " thank you " was all I said and hugged Brianna " again, if this will not be a hit in 1 week, then your songwritters will write your songs for you again. Goodbye " he said and left, well, talk about lack of manners

" Ugh, don't mind him. The kind of era he thinks is good is the cavemans day era. Anyway, let's celebrate cause I'm sure, these songs are topping the charts! " she exclaimed and I laughed " thanks Bri, c'mon, let's have lunch " I said and we laughed the way out of the studio, making corny jokes and everything. Brianna was only 20 yrs. old so, she understands me.

We went to Brianna's house cause, as much as we want to eat at a restaurant, we don't want to get mobbed while eating and all.

" So, what'll we make " she asked while we entered the kitchen " why not, just order something from Mc.Donalds or Nandos, I don't feel like cooking " I said and she noded in agreement but soon smiled " you should get in the mood to be pretty soon cause I heard you're living with Mr. Handsome aka Harry Styles " she said and I giggled " yeah, but he's the one who cookd anyways " I said and she laughed " why are you so lucky? " she jockingly asked and I playfully shrugged " c'mon, let's order, I'm getting hungry " I said and she went to get her phone

She made the call to Mc.Donalds and prdered 2 chicken fillet burgers with large fries each and each with a large Mc.float.

Once we ate, we ofcourse, watched a movie which I think was a scary movie. We were in the middle of the movie until I got a text from Harry

Harry: Hey, where are you? it's almost diner. I'm not having dinner until you come home😪

I looked at the time and saw that it was 7, oh shoot

" Uh Bri, I need go home, Harry's looking for me " I said whole getting up " sure, I know you don't want to keep Mr. Handsome waiting. See you in a week or sooner " she said and I smiled and gave her a hug.

Once I got inside my car, I quickly texted Harry saying I'm coming home.


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