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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


6. Harry

Sofia's POV

Today was another long and tiring day, that's for sure.

I was at my dressing room getting ready for my interview at the ' Ellen Show '. This was my first interview after album ' You ' got 6th place after One Direction's album, Taylor's album, Justine's album, Selena Gomez's album and Ariana Grande's album. Believe it or not, that's the highest hit I've had for the 1st year I've been a singer. My lowest over the top 100 was 89, amazing huh ( sarcastically ) but, it's better than 100 right

I had my make-up done as nude coloured and my hair done as curly waves and letting it all lose to my back.

I was ruffling my hair when my manager came in

" Hey Sof, you're in in 5 " she said and I smiled as an ' ok '

I fluffed more and went out to my dressing room. My staff ran me through some questions and I like this interview actually cause they can respect that I had somethings to hide. Like my past relationship with Jack Griffo. We're good now but even if we are, the media still makes news that we're not.

I sat down at one of the chairs an waited for Ellen to call my name. A few minutes later, the how started

" Hello everyone and welcome to the ' Ellen Show ' " Ellen started and the crowd all cheered " now today we have the sister of one of the most indemand singers of this generation. Please welcome, Taylor Swift's sister, Sofia Swift " Ellen said, why is that everytime I get introduced theres the word ' Taylor Swift ' and ' sister '. Why can't they just say ' Sofia Swift '?

I went on stage and sat down at one of the seats

" Ok Sofia, hi " she said and I smiled " hi too " I said and she smiled " you remind me so much of your sister, like when we always chat at this interview, it actually sometimes doesn't act like an interview because Taylor's really fun to be with " she said, Taylor again, why is it always her? I know she's my sister but I just want to get respect like her, I've worked so hard to get that respect " yeah, she's really fun to be with " I said, it was true, she was fun to be with " now for the first question " she started and I listened " we saw you and Harry Styles from One Direction chatting about things at a shop where they make jewelries and we just wanted to know if you two are together " she said " no well, we met backstage at the BMA's before I performed and we just happen to bump into each other at a store cause I got Taylor a gift for her birthday and he said he was getting the necklace he told the maker to make for his mum " I explained and she noded her head " ok now for another question " she started and ofcourse I listened " how does Taylor feel about this? " she asked " well at first she wasn't really happy an told me to not get close to him anymore cause she said he was a womanizer, heartbreaker and a lot of horrible things but I don't wanna believe it withought seeing first " I said and she noded again.

The interview went on until we said goodbye.

After I left the studio, I decided to go to a small cafe down town, I never really had coffee this morning so I guess I should get one now.

Once I got in, I tightened my scarf so no one can see me. Once I got there, I ordered a large latte. Once I got it, I looked for a chair but bumped into someone which made my latte spill on his and my clothes.

" I'm so sorry " we both said at the same time " here " I said and handed him a tissue " thanks but let me replace your latte, here " he said and pulled my hand " wait " I said and looked at his face, he was..... H-Harry " Harry? " I asked and he smiled at me " Sofia! " he exclaimed which made everyone look at us, uh oh " we better go befor- " I started but then, teenage girls came running up to us, asking for pictures and autographs from Harry and me. We took them and little by little until the fans all left.

Once we got out of the cafe, he told me that he knew a place where we could get something to eat. I said yes cause I was getting a bit hungry too

We got to a little beach cottage nearby, I looked at him with a questioning look from why he brought me to a beach " because, theres a small restaurant here that I know " he said and I smiled.

We got to the small restaurant he said and he went up to his friend there. Once they talked he got back to me. We sat down at a table near the entrance.

" So, what were you doing at the coffee shop? " I asked and he looked at me " well cause I wanted to get a coffee but theres coffee here too anyway " he said and I smiled " well heres your food " Harry's friend said " thank you " Harry and I both said

We ate the food and he was right, the food was deliciouse.

After we ate, he drove me home and ofcourse Taylor saw me

Once I got in, Taylor's mad face was the first thing I saw

" Didn't I tell you to never talk or even meet with that guy " she screamed at me " yes you did tell me, but I'm not gonna listen cause I know I can change him, he's sweet, caring and nice " I screamed back " that's what he showed my friend before too but he still cheated on her " she screamed at me " he can change, let me be happy for once " I screamed and went up to my room " I always did things to make you happy, but I can't let you get hurt because of him " he screamed but I shut my door loudly to let her know I wasn't listening

This was the first time I wanted something for me and she won't let me


Hey guys! So i wanted to make it clear again that I have nothing against Ellen or any other celebs an interviewers, hosts etc. I love them all, I just thought this would be a good drama. Anyway, ILYGSM?

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