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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


11. Date

Sofia's POV

I was at my room, staring blankly at the ceiling, I had nothing to do right now, my manager said that I had nothing install today, my manager belives in the songs that I write but, my boss' manager doesn't. So, I have to wait until my songs writters write a new song. They're 3 people and it's hard for them to write 1 song, and not to brag or make fun of them but, non of their songs were a hit, only one was, the one I wrote myself.

I was constantly checking my phone just to see if anybody texted me. At this point, I don't care if it was a fan or if anybody got my number. I just need something to do or someone to talk to.

While I was slowly torturing myself because of bordom, Harry came into my room and smiled at me, I smiled lazily back at him.

" So, you bored? " Harry asked as he sat on my bed " yeah " I said " so, wanna go out with me? " Harry asked while rubbing the back of his neck, a smile crept into my face when I heard those words.

I sat up straight and held his face in my hands and made him look at me " really? " I asked with a smile " well yeah, I wanted to ask you out " he said and looked me in the eyes " ofcourse " I said and pecked his nose, just the nose. A big smile crept on his face.

I slowly got up and pointed at the door as a sign for him to get out and get ready while I get ready too. He laughed and went out. That was a dream come true. I'm so sure about him it's crazy

I went to my closet and took my black skinny jeans, a silver vest top and some silver sneakers. I chose those cause I didn't really know where we were going so casual was always the best choice. I put those on and made my way to my dresser.

I took out my black mascara, pink lip stick, lip shiner and conceler

I put a bit of powder on my face before putting some conceler on my bags. After that I put on some pink lip stick then some lip shiner above it. Lastly I placed some black mascara on my eyes.

I lastly took my purse and put my phone, wallet, lip gloss, breath mints, tic tacs and sanitizer on it. It was the first date so you can't blame me. I also didn't want to put and bring a lot of make-up cause I don't want to look like a clown on my first date with Harry. Plus, I don't think it would be a good impression for him.

I went downstairs and saw Harry sitting on the couch, he seemed to be texting someone and it also looked like he was annoyed because of it.

" Um, Harry " I said and sat beside him " huh, oh yeah, ready? " he said and smiled at me " uh yes, but, is something wrong? " I asked and he looked down then looked at me still with a smile " no don't mind it, let's go " he said and sat up. I didn't want us to fight because I couldn't shut my mouth. I just noded and sat up.

He drove us to a park with a big fountain that had a heart in the middle. I looked at him with a questioning look cause he told me we were going to a restaurant but, this is far from a restaurant. Not that I'm complaining.

" Harry, I thought we were going to a restaurant? " I asked and he smiled at me " I just, wanted to show you my favorite place. A place I never showed anyone except you. Not even the boys " he said which made me smile. He chose me out of the boys or any one of his friend for him to bring here

" why me? why not the boys? or your past girlfriends? why me? " I asked as we sat down next to the fountain " I trust the boys, but not as much as I trust you. I know I only met you a few days or weeks ago but, you had something in you, that made me feel comftable, to tell you things I didn't tell anyone I met before " he said " thank you " I said " you wanna know why this was so important to me that I couldn't just take people here? " he said all of sudden while looking at the fountain " why? " I asked and he looked at me

" When I was younger, my mum, dad, sister and I always went here, on birthdays, Christmas, New Years and, when my dad left us, my mum never let me and Gemma come here anymore. Mostly because it hurt her to see the place where we always went, as a family. The reason why I never bring just anyone here is cause, I never like people knowing much about my personal life cause, I will then feel like I don't have privacy anymore " he said and I saw a tear roll down his cheek. Once I wiped the tear away, I hugged him to comfort him

" It's alright, you can cry if you want, I won't mind and it would be better to cry it out than to keep it in " I said and he cried on the crook of my neck. His tears kinda tickled me a bit but I tried to hide my laughter because he might think I'm making fun of him.

He cried on the crook of my neck for a good half an hour until I felt him calm down

He took his head off the crook of my neck and looked at me in the eyes

" Wanna go to the restaurant? I'm a getting a bit hungry " he said and gave me a little chuckle " yeah, I'm hungry too " I said and he stood up and helped me stand up too

We drove to a little restaurant near by the fountain and we, ofcourse went in from the back.

We sat down on a little table by the very back so we can eat unoticed. Harry covered his hair cause he knew fans knows his curls very well.

A waiter came towards us and gave us menues and Harry ended up getting a burger, pizza and ice tea while I got carbonara, fries and ice tea.

" So, are you alright? " I asked reffering to what happened at the fountain " yeah, thank you for caring " he said and held my hand " it's alright, what's important is that you finally let it out even if your tears kinda tickle me a bit " I said we laughed which caused a few eyes to land on us so Harry and I had to hide our faces more just to not get noticed

A few minutes past and our food finally came.

We ate while chatting a bit until we finished and paid for what we ate. I excused myself from Harry cause I needed to use the bathroom, which he allowed

Once I got to the bathroom, 2 teen girls saw me and snickered at me " excuse me " I said reffering to they're snicker " Taylor Swift is way better as a singer, performer and a girlfriend to Harry. I can't even think that your her sister I mean, she's so talented and what happened to you? Social Climer. Oh and, you and Harry together, is a combination that could kill the world because of disgust. Harry and Taylor are the best couple so team Haylor for life. Get lost you loser " she said and pushed me which made me fall and her laugh. After that she left me there, lying on the floor. I know Taylor and I have different voices and different ways of performing and different faces but, when will I be respected, just a little respect

Once I stood up, I continued with my bussiness in the bathroom. I took out my breath mint, tic tacs and lip gloss and used all of those. After that I sanitized my hands and left the bathroom. I tried to look alright so Harry won't ask what happened and luckily, he didn't

Once I returned to the table, we or he paid for the diner and we went home, he was suppose to take me to the ice cream parlor but I told him he can do that tomorrow and used the excuse ' I'm tired '

Once we were home, I told Harry that I was tired and that I was going to bed, I really didn't want to talk with anybody today. I just wanted to go to my room, rest and cry probably.

Once I got to my room, I dropped to bed not even bothering to change my clothes. I just cried on my pillow

I mean, she is my sister and I love her so much, but, it hurts to always hear from, people, reporters, interviewers and even our family, to say Taylor is better than me. And now, I have Harry who can make me happy when I want to cry my eyes out and, she doesn't want me to, nobody does. This world is just unfair. I just want to be happy but, they won't ever let me. Never

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