Concequences Of Being A Swift

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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


3. Bumped

Sofia's POV

That was a long night at the BMA's. When it was time to head home, I told Taylor that I'll go home myself cause I have to pick up something first. I had to pick up my birthday gift for her. It was a necklace with pink diamonds sourounding it and a gold heart lock in the middle with the picture of the both of us.

I drove to the store where I told them to make it which wasn't very far from where the BMA's happened so I got there in 10 minutes.

I went into the store but I bumped into someone

" I'm so sorry " I said and looked at who I bumped into. It was one of the guys that curly was talking to " it's ok and aren't you that Sofia girl Harry fancies so much? " he asked, wait curly fancies me? " he fancies me? " I asked, making it clear just to make sure I didn't misheard " yes, he likes you so much. After he saw you, you were all he talked about, he was love struck by you " he said, really? " anyway what's your name? " I asked " Louis and the guy with black hair is Zayn, the guy with blonde hair is Niall and the guy left is Liam " he explained, now I know they're names " oh, well my name is- " he cut me off by saying " Sofia, yeah we heard you talking plus, it's all Sofia that comes out of Harry's mouth " he said and I giggled a little " well, what are you doing here? " I asked curiousely " well, Harry always tells the makers here to make necklaces for his mum and sister and he asked me if I could get the necklace he told them to make for his mum " He explained " he's a sweet boy then " I said and he noded " you got that right " he said and we giggled " what about you? what are you doing here? " he asked " getting my sister a gift for her birthday " I said and he noded " who's you sister? " he asked " oh my sister is Ta- " I was about to finish when the door opened revealing...curly!

" Louis what was taking you so lo- " he was about to finish when his eyes landed on me " oh uh, hi again Sofia " he said and blushed lightly " hi Harry " I said and Louis was just looking over at us " well Harry since you think I'm taking too long, why not get the necklace yourself " after those words he quickly vamoosed " oh well um I better get what I ordered, nice seeing you again Sofia " Harry said and gave me a smile, a charming one

I went to the front desk and asked for the necklace. Once I had it, I drove home to mine an Taylor's shared flat.

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