Concequences Of Being A Swift

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Sofia Swift, the sister of Taylor Swift, met Harry Styles, they liked each other but, Taylor wanted to protect her sister from getting hurt the way she did. But, will Harry change for Sofia? Will Sofia get hurt by Harry? Will Taylor learn to accept the love that Sofia and Harry have for eachother?


12. Brownie Trouble And Girls

Sofia's POV

My manager called me today and said I had recording cause finally my song writters came up with ' a hit song '. Not to be rude but, I kinda don't like the era they write. I have to talk with my manager about this but, I didn't accept the recording today. It still hurts me to think of what happened yesterday.

I, again, was laying in my room, on the floor, about to die of bordom. Harry and lads had things to do today so I was left alone. I was slowly dying when an idea popped up in my head. ' Why don't I just call one of the girl? ' I thought

I thought I'd call Eleanor and Sophia cause Perrie was on tour

" Hey El, can you come to Harry's flat? I'm dying of bordom "- Sofia

" Haha, sure, I'll call Danielle if she wants to come too "- Eleanor

" Yeah, thanks El "- Sofia

" Ok, bye Sof "- Eleanor

I put my phone down and went to my closet.

I took out some white shorts, pink sweatshirt and white doll shoes. I put those on and went to my dresser

I put my hair in a bun first to keep it out of the way the applied some black mascara, pink lip gloss, powder and lastly some conceler.

I braided my hair to the side and let some baby hair loose. I took my phone and went to the living room. Once I got there, I went to the kitchen to make some snacks for us

I decided on baking some brownies. I set the oven on for 300 degres and waited for it to bake.

While I was waiting, the girls arrived

I greeted them with hugs and let them in.

Once we were seated on the couch, we started talking

" So El, how's it going with Louis? " I asked to start the conversation " it's well, bout you and Harry? " she asked and I nodded my head " we're not even a couple and that's what you're asking, but we're fine " I said and she gave me a look that says she doesn't believe me and Harry aren't a couple

We talked for a good 1 hour and a half until we were distured by the smell of something burning

" What's that? " Danielle asked, reffering to the burning smell. Just then, it hit me

" O.M.G.! It's the brownies I was baking! " I exclaimed running to the kitchen to take them out of the oven. Once they were out, we looked at them and laughed

" I can bake but, I kind left them because of our conversation and Harry, doesn't have a timer " I said through laughs " yeah, let's just get take out " Eleanor suggested and we agreed

We went to Nando's and ordered some chicken, fries, drinks and burgers. We're girls trust us

We went home and we agreed to eat on the floor cause we wanted it to be a bit picnic style.

I took one of my extra blankets and layed it on the ground. Once everything was seted up. The girls and I ate and when half an hour passed, they were goners.

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