Hey everybody so from now on I'm also doing personal imagines most snapcchat me or contact me and let me know how you want it and the details about your crush or boyfriend xx


1. Sandra and Anton

This is a special one for my friend Sandra and her soon to be boyfriend. Hope you guys get together and have a great time..... Enjoy !!

"You play the guitar" I asked noticing the guitar case in Anton's room. I was at his house to work on a project for Spanish class, but we'd finished some time back and now we're just hanging out. Also it was pouring outside so neither of us thought it was ideal for me for me to drive back home in this weather.

"I mean, I try. I'm not good though" he admitted cringing.

"I'll be the judge of that, play me something" I sat cross cross on his bed. He sighed and opened his guitar case,taking out the guitar.

"The only song that I know that you'll know is sweet lil something" he admitted.

"Let's hear it" I smiled. He sat across from me and slowly played sweet lil something, or a version of it. He messed up a bit, but made it through the song. At the end he looked up at me. "It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't horrible"

"Oh come on it was pretty bad" he laughed and put his guitar away.

"Not that bad" I grinned. I was trying to see how to make a move on him, but had no clue how? I felt my phone vibrate and checked it, just my luck, snapchat. "Hey Anton come here" I called out to him. He moved closer to me. I held out my phone and moved closer to him, took a selfie and sent it to my friend.

"How come you didn't smile" I asked

"Gotta be masculine" he winked. I laughed and put my hand on his shoulder. He remained calm which was hopefully good. "You know Sandra your really fun to hangout with" Anton said. I tired to keep my cool , this was good ,right? I glanced out of his window , the rain had stopped.

"Looks like the rains letting up" I frowned

"Well, that doesn't mean you have to leave" He bit his lip. Oh god did he know how hot he looked like that? Did he ? Oh god !

"What would we do" I asked

"This" he put his arm around me. "This" he hugged me. "And this" he softly kissed my lips.

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