To Good To Be True

A story of a confused friendship that never ever did turn into something else, until she met the new guy


7. The Devastation

Everything changed.....

I was sure Julian was different, and apparently everything changed so quickly I could hardly catch my breath. Julian was the sweetest person except later on I began to see he was losing interest in me, sadly it broke my heart. With this broken heart i searched for someone to mend with whatever they could do even if it was with a hug or a hello. Julian and I lost contact....he went his way and I went mine ,but we met again and decided to hang out during the weekend. I agreed I wanted to see what had happened to the Julian I had loved and cared about back then.

We did hangout on a Sunday we had gone to the park, we go to talk and enjoyed the moment. He looked the same nothing seemed to have changed and again my feelings arose to what I had in front of me. Julian. The guy I never got a chance with ,but every other girl did even though we were very close. That Sunday I never did get to find out why he had gone his own way ,but I did find out he was leaving for Senior year.

Never ever in my life had I been so devastated by that, it was my first time. Every word he said cut me deeper every time making my heart ache. Around 7, the sun was setting and we were just sitting there enjoying the view he looked at me and said, "I'm sorry". I turned to look at him and he said I'm sorry for having to make you wait so long for this and kissed me. His lips were so soft and I could feel myself in shock.

In my mind, I saw fireworks pop around us, I opened my eyes and backed away confused at what had occurred. I knew then at that moment we would be together, he smiled at me and pulled me in again for another kiss. It felt so right in so many levels and I was just happy, nothing could make me feel better than his kiss.

After that day never again did I hear from Julian and if I did he was always to busy to hang out. I craved his kisses ,but knew he was avoiding me I didn't know if I had done something wrong and I doubt I did. It was like that for weeks and it bothered me so much made my body boil towards the thought of what he had done. Weeks passed and I did had begun to hang out with some old friends, I enjoyed their company as well as they enjoyed mine. Later on I had found out my friend Cindy was close to one of Julian's bestfriends, I asked her if she could invite him to see if Julian would show up and we could talk about what had happened.

I waited patiently to see if he would show up, and from far away I could see two guys coming our way in their longboards.......

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