To Good To Be True

A story of a confused friendship that never ever did turn into something else, until she met the new guy


2. The Beginning of a New Era

The Beginning of Junior Year...

I never did actually tell you my name I told the new kid at school. He laughed,"oh right, well what is your name?" I answered," My name is Diana and it's really cool I get to show you around here!"


It was barely the beginning of junior year and I was feeling better than ever. I had made lots of friends and still had no boyfriend after what happened with Mark ,but it was fine. Usually it would be him who did have other relationships, I mean he is a football player and of course the most popular guy at school so you get my vibe. I would still see him around the halls ways ,but never did try to make contact with him. Yet, I knew that I would need to keep my distance even though I wanted to know how he was.

So, you the reader might be wondering how I really am😂 well let me tell you! I'm 5'4, I have black hair, I also have brown eyes, and wear glasses. Some of my friends say I'm super duper skinny ,but I consider myself a little bit more slim... I'm semi-popular and it wasn't because of Mark ,but because of the dumbest jokes I had, me falling and tripping around the school, as well as having a kind heart that would care for anyone no matter who they were, oh and finally because I'm just a very crazy and outgoing girl. Most people loved that about me ,but then there was the people that were jealous of all my features and I get it. I'm also class president and drama club officer. I'm in other clubs ,but they are not that important to me.

I had been happy because I got to tour the new kid, getting to tour him was the best because I'd get to know him a bit more than anybody else and getting to meet new people was always good. We did get along because of my stupidity and lame jokes. To me this was like beginning again with something new in my life, and I enjoyed that feeling. Julian the newbie soon had to go to his first class and it turned out to be the same class I had and from theirs a new friendship kicked off. Sadly when we entered class the teacher decided it was best he move Julian to a different group so he could make some friends. I thought it was right because he need some friends here at school ,but I also felt bad because I wanted to get to know him even more.

"Hopefully we become good friends...",I thought to myself.

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