The Leather Jacket

This isn't your regular fairy tale, it is full of secrets and lies, like no other fairy tale you've ever read before. But the truth is, this isn't a fairytale. It's far from it, this story is made with unequal amounts of joyous occasions, tears of happiness, but also, tears of sorrow and regret. This story is about two lovers, who aren't quite lovers, on a mission to make their love real; without reality getting in the way. So sit back and relax, and just wait for the happily ever after.


3. Chapter Three

My mind was racing like a race horse, with all the moving and the flirtation from my soon to be brother, it was giving me a headache. Debra and dad had gone back to the coffee store to find her missing phone that she must of left behind. I steer clear of Jay as I unpack my clothes into the wardrobe and drawers. His music plays loudly from his room, it's not even good music, it's like instrumentals of people playing guitars. Once I'm done with my clothes, I decide to lay on my newly made bed and just soak up all of the new bed sheet smell before I went downstairs to make a drink. When I've gotten to my bed, I hear a knock at the door. I turn around suddenly, it's Jay holding a black shirt in one hand and dark blue trousers in the other.

"Do these go?" He queries, leaning against the door frame, I nod gingerly and sit up on my elbows.

"To be honest I don't care about the clothes, I wanted an excuse to talk to you." Jay takes a few steps into the room and I feel like my private space has now been interrupted.

"Your basically my brother, you can do what you want." I shrug, smirking, Jay takes a stride closer to me and I can now smell his manly aftershave.

"Well apparently not. I can't kiss you like I want to." My eyes widen, I had my suspicions about Jay but they were suspicions, but now they became facts.

"As I said Jay. Your basically my brother. You know that would be wrong." He laughs at my comment, it wasn't meant to be laughed at, it was meant to be understood. There was practically a line of girls who wanted him on our doorstep. Why does he now want the one girl on this planet he can't have?

"I've never been one to do the right thing, Brooke. You know this. Let's play a game yes?" I nod, "whoever falls in love with the other first, buys the wedding gift between us." My jaw drops. What did he think he was doing? He's going to be my brother, no matter how incredibly good-looking he is, or how blue his eyes look in the light, or how his voice sounds when he's flirting. It didn't matter, because no matter how much I wanted anything to happen between us, he was my brother. And that was final.

By the time Debra has found her phone and they are both back home, it is time for a late dinner. We decide to order a pizza as they were both too tired to cook a proper meal tonight.

"So what do you guys want?" Dad pulls out a notebook to write down our orders on, why he can't remember I don't know. We are all sitting in the living room, dad and Debra on the two seater, I'm sitting on the floor, leant up against the lazy boi lounger and Jay was sitting in it. When dad or Debra wasn't looking Jay would softly stroke my hair, a few times I got caught up in a dream but then reality kicks in and he's my brother again.

"I'll have ham and pineapple please." I speak up, dad gets pretty angry when people don't answer him the first time, so I didn't want to make him repeat himself.

"Make that two." Jay looks down at me when talking to dad. He smirks and looks back at his phone, I'm guessing he's talking to his bad boy friends. Dad leaves the room to phone the pizza place, Debra spreads out along the sofa whilst dad is gone. It makes me happy that dad had finally found someone to love, and hopefully with the wedding, Jay will finally get the hint that we could never be together.

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