Without you

Calum and Riley have always been best friends, but little does Riley know that Calum wants to be more than that. Calum finally works up the courage to tell Riley his true feelings but things don"t go as planned. Read to find out what happens between them two!


3. Class and Boys

Rileys pov:

I heard the bell ring and it was sadly time to leave Ashton to go to first period. "Bye babe I'll see you at lunch" Ashton said as he kissed me on my forehead. "By Ashton" I said as we let go of each others hands and walked our separate ways to class. Wow Ashton is just so great. Everytime I'm with him I just feel so happy. He truly makes my life amazing and I'm so lucky to have him as my boyfriend! I walked into my first class, science, and saw Calum sitting in the back of the class like usual so I went to go sit by him since he's one of my best friends. "Hey Calum" I said as I took a seat next to him. "o-o-h h-h-ey Riley" Calum said, sounding slightly nervous. "Are you okay?" I asked him. "Yeah yeah I'm fine I just didn't know you were here yet, that's all" He replied. "Ohhh ok" I said laughing. For some reason I always had this slight idea that Calum had feelings for me. Feelings meaning more than just feelings that you have towards a friend. I don't know why it's just that he always acts so nervous around me and he always tries to impress me. I could be crazy and maybe I just have a really big ego but that's just how I feel sometimes. I just hope that he doesn't actually like me because he knows that I'm dating Ashton (his best friend) and I just like Calum as a friend. We have been best friends for so long it would be too weird being anything else. Class started and I sat through 4 long and boring periods (Science, Math, English, and History) until it was finally time to go to lunch! Which means I get to see my friends and Ashton ;)

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