Without you

Calum and Riley have always been best friends, but little does Riley know that Calum wants to be more than that. Calum finally works up the courage to tell Riley his true feelings but things don"t go as planned. Read to find out what happens between them two!


5. After School

Rileys pov:

The rest of the school day went by crazy slow because I just kept thinking about Ashton hoping he didn't get into too much trouble. The last bell rang and I could finally look for Ashton and find out why he wasn't at lunch today. I went to the usual spot where we meet after school and waited for him. 5 minutes went by and he wasn't here. Another 5 minutes went by and he still wasn't here. I decided to call his cell in case maybe he just forgot to meet with me. So I pulled out my phone, clicked on Ashton's name, and pressed the call button. It rang for about 15 seconds when it finally said "Hi" in Ashtons voice. "Hey Ash-" "You've reached my voicemail so I must be busy right now. Please leave a message." and I then the beep came to leave a message so I decided to leave one. "Hey babe its Riley and I haven't seen you since this morning and was wondering where you have been. Text me." I ended the call and just decided to go home since I had a feeling that Ashton wasn't going to show up. I drove home in mycar hoping Ashton would call or text me soon. You may think its weird that I'm this worried but Ashton always answers his phone and we are almost always together or talking so this was very unusual. When I got home I went to my room and decided to start on my homework so that I could get it out of the way. All of a sudden I heard my phone alert go meaning I got a text message and I got so excited assuming that  Ashton was finally contacting me but I looked down at my phone to see that I got a text from...Calum.

Calums pov: I got home and right away decided to text Riley to see if she wanted to hang out this weekend. I know its kind of early in the week to ask since its Monday but I needed to make sure she was free because this was really important. She soon texted back saying "I think I'm free. If I am then sure" My stomach fluttered with joy because that's basically a yes. It really sucks when your in love with your best friends love. I've gotta get it through her head that she belongs with ME instead. I'm not sure if she will ever realize it and if she does Ashton would never be my friend again and I care about the both of them so much.  If I say anything to any of them about me having feelings for Riley it could change everything and cause many relationships to be broken. But sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

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