Star Trek Defiance: Space Pirates

Michael, Chloe, Goku and Minos tried to relax on their long voyage ahead of them when suddenly they were surprised by space pirates and must try to escape or be killed.


4. 4

The side door of the Runabout opened and the woman (covered with bruises and a black eye) was thrown out and before she could get up the unconscious young man was thrown out as well and landed on top of her making her yelp, “Umph!” Before the Runabout side door closed and locked.  Michael turned away from the door and entered the bridge and said, “Let’s hope this baby can still fly.” He and the others looked around the bridge and it still looked like what it is before and Michael sat behind the helm and pressed a button and the ship powered on and he nodded in agreement and said, “Looks like we’re still in business.” Everybody assumed their seats and belted in as the warp engines started and Michael yelped, “Let’s rock and roll!” Michael pressed a button and “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf played as the Runabout flew out of the makeshift looking hanger and entered space.  Minos yelled over the music, “Do we still have enough units?” Michael pressed the button to turn the music down and he replied, “Just a moment.” As Michael looked down at his console and pressed various buttons Chloe sighed with relief, “Thank God, I’m so sick of that music.” Michael looked wide eyed at his console and said, “Ah, I think we are going to need more units.” Chloe and Goku looked shocked, while Minos stared intently at his console, and Chloe yelped, “What?” Minos interrupted, “Guys, I have two small ships coming up behind us fast!” An angry, husky, male voice spoke on the intercom, “To the people that stole The Vandal, stop or we will blow you apart!” The words “Intruder Alert” flashed on all the monitors on the consoles and made a constant beeping noise. Michael said, “Goku, Chloe, take care of our uninvited guests.” 


    Goku and Chloe left their seats and once they turned around they saw a large, muscular pirate running right towards them.  In a flash, Goku charged and head butted him in the stomach sending him falling and slamming his back onto the deck.  Another pirate appeared right behind his comrade and was about to stab Goku on the back when Chloe jumped over Goku’s back and kicked his face and jumped from wall to wall as two others behind him fired their guns only to miss her as the orange energy bolts struck the walls and she kicked one in the face, dislocating his jaw as she immediately ran up the wall to their right, flipped (as she grabbed the other’s chin) and when she came down behind him she pulled her hand back and forced his head to pull back as he fell that his neck snapped before he hit the deck.  The remaining pirates groaned in pain and Goku and Chloe pulled them together and pressed a button on a device, what they believe to be their own transporter device, and they dematerialized.


    Goku and Chloe assumed their seats on the bridge and Chloe said, “Settled.” The ship shook violently as there was a sound of an explosion outside and Michael replied, “I can tell.  Better strap in cause this is going to be a bumpy ride!” They all strapped themselves in before there was another explosion as the ship continued to rock and Michael pressed a few buttons before he flipped a lever to his side and the Runabout sped forward, throwing them back in their seats while outside the Runabout flew into the planet’s ring (that looks like an ocean of blue asteroids) and Goku yelped in fright.  Michael yelped, “Watch and learn boys and girl!” He pressed another button and the Runabout shifted up and did a loop at the edge of the ring till it faced the two small ships and Michael pressed another button and fired torpedoes and one of the ships exploded while the other was severely damaged and spun in space.  Minos yelped in awe as Goku looked surprised and Chloe did not look impressed as Michael smirked and said, “That wasn’t hard.” There was a beeping sound and Minos looked down at his console and yelped, “Two more of them coming up behind us fast!” Michael yelled, “I’m going to try to lose them in Xin V’s ring, hold on!” He flipped the lever again and he and the others  braced themselves as the Runabout sped straight into the blue ring.


    The ship shifted violently as the Runabout began flying around, over and under the blue space rocks and ice as Goku and Minos tried to contain themselves from yelling as they cringed in shock while Michael laughed and Chloe looked at him as if he was crazy.  The small pirate ships tried to follow but struggled to keep up as one hit a corner of an asteroid and spun out of control and bounced off another space rock, breaking pieces off the ship till it slammed into a large crystal like structure and shattered parts of the crystal as it impacted and was wedged on its side.  The other ship fired a continuous burst of rockets at them but they either missed or struck the ice and rock behind the Runabout.  The Runabout rocked by the explosions and Michael yelled, “Lets see if that gusty pilot can handle this!” He pressed a button and the Runabout spun to the right and flew straight down into a tunnel of ice and crystals as the pirate ship followed them as it first stopped firing and then resumed once it was inside and resumed firing and blasting apart the ice cave around the Runabout.  The Runabout rocked and jerked violently as the ice and crystals struck the hull as they fell about the ship till Michael and the others noticed there is an ice wall right in front of them.


    The Runabout continued to fly straight towards it as Goku screamed, “STOP!  WE ARE GOING TO HIT...” Michael pressed a button and a torpedo fired and struck the ice wall right in front of them (As Chloe and Minos held their breath as they looked terrified) and exploded before they flew out the cave and back into the rock and ice field.  Goku, Minos and Chloe breathed heavily as Michael looked back at them with a smug on his face and said, “You were saying?” Chloe glared at him and said, “I hate you.” In the meantime the pirate ship flew out where they came out and resumed to chase after them all the while not firing its missiles.  Minos yelped, “He’s still behind us!” Michael pressed a button and said, “Oh yeah?” Three round pods fired from the weapons pod’s rear and as the pirate ship approached they exploded sending a hail of ice and rocket flying about and showering the small pirate ship causing multiple minor explosions and the ship tumbled uncontrollably as it flew out of the ring of ice and rock and the Runabout flew out of the ring and into deep space.


    Michael slumped back in his chair as everyone else sat back and sighed with relief and Chloe said, “Thank fucking God.” Michael smirked and said, “That wasn’t so bad, was it Minos?” The only reply from Minos was the sound of him puking and when he looked back he saw Minos with a plastic back with his head down over the opening and puking into it.  Goku asked, “Now what?” Michael pressed a few buttons and looks at his console and on one of the small monitors as he scrolled through various planets that are displayed and replied, “We continue finding Lord Serenity.” Chloe said, “Just as long as we don’t run into anymore pirates.” Michael made a single laugh and said, “Don’t worry, I...” Minos yelped, “Hey!  Somehow we got over 500,000 units in our account!” Chloe and Goku looked at each other bewildered till they noticed Michael just staring at his console with a smug on his face.  Chloe asked, “Michael, where did all those units come from?”  Michael replied, “As we were trying to keep ourselves from getting blown up, I hacked into their bank accounts and took it from there.” Chloe laughed as the others looked shocked and Chloe replied, “That’s awesome!  I don’t know about you but I am tired.” Chloe left the bridge and Minos soon followed as he said, “Yeah, me too.”

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