How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


7. new day

Alex's POV:

I woke up really early this morning which is a first. Rian and Zack went out and Jack is probably sleeping. Oh and Tatum well I don't know what she is doing probably sleeping. She is really pretty. No pretty is an understatement she's sexy. I really want to get to know her. "Good morning." I hear Tatum say. "Good morning." I said to her. She looked in the fridge and saw some leftover pizza. "Can I have this?" "Pizza for breakfast? Umm sure knock yourself out." I said. "It's really good you should try having it for breakfast it's awesome." "Ok hand me a slice." I took the slice of pizza from her. She is right it is awesome. "Mmm that is good." "I told you." "So Tatum tell me about yourself." "Well my favorite color is blue, I love pizza, and penguins, umm I love art and music, I like green day, all time low, nirvana, panic at the disco, sleeping with sirens, and pierce the veil." Wow she's awesome. "You and I have a lot in common." We started getting into a deep conversation about what our interests were, hobbies, what I like, bands and other stuff. She is amazing I would ask her out but we just met so...

Tatum's POV:

I already knew Alex was cool but he is fucking awesome. Did I forget to mention hot? Alex is a really amazing person. We were talking and I got to know a lot about him. I already knew a couple things because well duh I'm a fan girl. I told Alex I was going to change because he wanted to take me sight seeing. I turn around to head to my room and I bump into Jack. "Oh good morning Jack." "Good morning Tatum." I slipped past him to go get changed. I was kinda embarrassed bumping into him. I've had a crush on Alex and Jack at the beginning of their band. I got dressed in a plain white t-shirt, black high waisted shorts and my black and white converse. I walk downstairs to find Alex and Jack staring at me. "What?" "Nothing." They both answered. I grabbed another slice of pizza and walked outside. Alex and Jack came following behind. "So do you want to go sightseeing? And is it ok if Jack comes?" Alex asked. "Yeah that's fine if he comes along. I really want to see what England looks like." We got in the car and drove off.

Jack's POV:

On the whole car ride I couldn't stop staring at her she is gorgeous. Me and Alex were telling jokes the whole car ride. Her laugh is so cute. I really like how she doesn't even try to be cute she just is. I plan to get to know her more later. Alex has told me a few things but I want to get to know her for myself. I heard she ate pizza for breakfast and she made Alex try it. He said it was really good and he made me try it. Holy crap I think I found my soulmate. It was awesome. "Hey Alex?" "Yeah Jack?" "Can we take Tatum to the pool later?" "Yeah when we get home." Score I get to see her in s bathing suit! I'm positive Alex just thought the same thing I did.

Alex's POV:

Jack asked if we could take Tatum to the pool and I didn't hesitate on saying yes. I wonder what her bathing suit looks like. I'm pretty sure she will look hot either way. I look over at her since she was in the passenger seat. She was texting a couple people. "Who are you texting if you don't mind me being nosy." "Your fine I'm texting my best friends Maria, Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael." "That's a lot of people." Said Jack. "Yeah." I said. "We are here!" I said. We got out of the car and started our sightseeing.

Tatum's POV:

Sightseeing was so much fun especially when you get to walk around with two idiots all day. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. We saw all the tourist attractions first, then we went to a restaurant called nandos. Holly fuck it's amazing. Then we visited some shops. We went to a music store, an art gallery, the mall. It was perfect. We walked into one store and Alex and Jack both grabbed two wigs and put them on. "I'm Anna! And I'm Jackie! And we are going to go shopping with you! (Inserts squealing)" I was hysterical. But surprisingly they picked out some nice clothes. I started to pay for them when Anna I mean Alex got in front of me and paid for them. "Alex you didn't have to do that." "I know I didn't." "Here." I said giving him some money. "Don't worry about it." I'll pay him later. Jack then randomly grabbed my hand. "Alex look the record store is open! Come Tatum let's go!!!" I look back and Alex was laughing. We walked in and Jack walked me over to the punk rock section. I grabbed a couple CDs and went to go pay for them when once again I was interrupted but this time by Jack. "I got you covered." He said. "God is no one going to let me pay today?" I asked. Alex and Jack both replied. "Nope." Ughhhhh. I mean it's nice but I feel like I'm taking advantage. We walk out of the store and head home. We told more jokes in the car again. And was again I was laughing my ass off. We got home and I got changed into my bathing suit. It has a white bikini top and a black bikini bottom. I got outside and joined Alex and Jack. "Hey I'm just being curious but where are Rian and Zack?" I asked. "They are at an interview all day today so it's just us." Alex said. Jack was starting to stare and I splashed him. "Hey what was that for!" He asked then splashed back. I decided to splash the both of them. "Oh your getting it now Tatum!" Said an angry Alex. We were playing around until it got dark out. "Hey guys I'm getting tired." Said Alex. "Ok well let's go." Said Jack and we all dried off and went inside. They let me take a shower first and when I got out I saw the both of them sitting on my bed. Luckily I already changed. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Waiting for you so we can watch a movie." Said Jack. "Ohh can I pick?" I asked. "Sure thing." Said Alex. They showed me where the DVDs were and I couldn't choose between the two. "Guys Peter Pan or The Nightmare before Christmas?" I asked. "I'm in the mood to watch The Nightmare before Christmas." They both said. We sat down on the couch and watched the movie. Alex was the first to fall asleep. So it was just me and Jack now. "Did you know this is my favorite Disney movie?" Asked Jack. "No I didn't." "Here look I even got a Jack skellington tattoo." I came over and he took off his shirt and showed me his tattoo. "Wow I really like that." "Yeah so do I." We continued to watch the movie and I got really sleepy. Everything went dark and before I knew it I could feel someone lifting me up and bringing me upstairs. "Goodnight." Said Jack. He kissed my forehead and tucked me in. "I hope the rest of tour will be like today." He said and walked off closing the door. I hope the rest of tour will be like this too.

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