How can I choose between you two?

Tatum is just your typical girl. She's hilarious, friendly, music, art loving fangirl but what happens when she meets her favorite band All time low? And what happens when two of the band members fall for her? Who will she choose?


1. just a normal day?

Tatum's POV:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. "Shut up will you! There is a thing called sleep and I'd like to get back to it!" I yell at the stupid thing. I start to roll out of bed and get changed. I put on my glamour kills shirt with black skinny jeans and black and white converse. I grab my bag and a pop tart then head to school. I get in my car and turn on the radio. I hear "If these sheets were states" by All Time Low. "If these sheets were states and you were miles away I'd fold them end over end to bring you closer to me!" I scream/sing. After the absolutely best car ride ever I finally get to school. I see my best friend Maria. "Hey sista!" I hear her yell. "Hey Maria!" I yell and hop on her back almost making her fall to the floor. "I love you and all but what do you eat?" She asked me. "Only everything in the kitchen! Why do you think we are always going food shopping!" She started to laugh. "Tatum, Tatum I don't know where all that food goes either. Your skinny as hell!" "I dunno Maria, I dunno." I finally get to my locker and put all my stuff away. "Hey Tatum!" I hear two Australian boys yell. "Hey Luke! Hey Calum!" They come over to me and greet me with hugs. "So how's my favorite brown eyed brunette doing this fine morning?" Luke asked me. "I mean I almost killed my alarm clock this morning but I do that almost every morning. How are you doing this morning my favorite blue eyed dirty blonde?" I asked Luke. "Just peachy." He said. "And how about you Asian?" I asked Calum. "I'm not Asian for the last time! I'm kiwi!" "Don't go hating on Asians Calum." I said. "I'm not! Uhh! I'm going to hangout with my beautiful girlfriend Maria!" He said and stormed of to go find Maria. "Nice one!" Luke said and high fives me. "I know right! Now let's go to class." And Luke and I walked hand in hand down the hallway to math. Every one thinks Luke and I are a couple but we aren't. He's my best friend besides Maria and Calum. I've know Luke the longest. We have been best friends since pre-k and we are now in college! Luke and I finally get to class and we sit in our normal seats. Mr.Grumpypants came in aka Mr.Roberts the worst math teacher in the history of math teachers. Luke leans over and whispers in my ear "I heard that Mr.Roberts and Mrs.Peters are getting divorced." "Really! No wonder why he's always like this!" "Class! We have a pop quiz today on dividing factions! Start the test once I pass it out!" Mr.Roberts yelled. "UGHHHHHH!!!!!" The whole class screamed in dissatisfaction. "Mr.Roberts" I say. "Yes Tatum?" "Sir I understand you are going through some hard times but that does not mean you get to make are life a living hell." "Ms.Tatum would you like me to send you to detention?" "No sir." "Then I suggest you shut it." "Excuse me Mr.Roberts but telling a student to shut it is not very polite." "DETENTION for you Ms.Tatum!" He yelled across the room. "Sir! Giving a student detention for no good reason is highly unnecessary." "Would you like to make it a week in detention Ms.Tatum?" "No sir." "Then be quite and take the quiz!" I hear Luke laughing beside me. "Good job princess." He whispered to me. "Not my fault he was being rude!" "Well you got yourself detention. Your lucky that we didn't have any plans this afternoon." "I know. You, Calum and Maria would've killed me!" "We sure would have." Luke said. Class finally ended. "Ugh! Luke that test was so hard!" "I know! When are we even going to use half that shit anyway?" Luke asked. "Never!" We said in unison. Luke and I once again went hand in hand down the hallway in our way to science. When we got there we found Maria and Calum making out. "Guys I know you two love each other to the moon and back but please don't make out in front of Luke and I." I said as politely as I could. "Sorry it's hard to ignore her. I can't help the fact that she is super hot!" Calum said. "Save all that for the bedroom Calum." I said. "Tatum don't give him any ideas!" Maria said to me. "Maria it's not like you and Calum haven't already gone all the way so what's the big deal?" I asked. "Yeah babe I didn't get any ideas and like she said we've already gone there." Calum said. "Ok gross Calum I was playing! I'm mentally scarred now!" I said burying my head into likes chest. "Aww my innocent little Tatum." Luke said petting my head. The day went on like any other day. Luke and I have every class together so we went hand in hand to English and history then of course lunch then art, music and gym. It was the end of the day and I went to my locker to drop off all my stuff. "Hey beautiful after detention text me ok? I'll be with Cal, Mike and Ash ok so if you need anything just text or call me ok babe." Luke said. "Ok. I'll text you later. By handsome." "Bye beautiful." I hugged him and said goodbye and made my way to detention. I have to admit I really am ok with going to detention. I normally wouldn't say anything if he passed out a pop quiz ,but I don't feel like going home today. My mom works super late and my dad well my step dad works in some music company and won't be home till tomorrow. I have to admit Stephen try's really hard. He knows he can't replace my dad ,but he always try's to be there. My dad died in a car accident when I was 10 so it's kinda always been me and mom. Well until Stephen but he's pretty great. I finally got to the detention room. I find 3 other kids in here. The usual 3 kids who always get in trouble. I found my way to the back and found a seat. The teacher was Mrs.Peters. This is good maybe I can talk my way out of this detention. "I walked up to Mrs.Peters. "Hi Mrs.Peters." "Oh hi Tatum may I ask why you are in here?" "Well your husband was being rude to me and I tried to tell him he wasn't being very nice and well here I am." "Oh my! Tatum you don't need to be here you may be dismissed." "Oh why thank you Mrs.Peters you are the best!" "No problem. Have a goodnight!" "You to Mrs.Peters!" I texted Luke:

T: hey babe

L: hey out already?

T: Mrs.peters was the detention teacher and I was able to talk my way out of detention

L: you go babe come to my place ok?

T:ok see you soon

L: see you soon

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