Silent Tease | Jeon Jungkook

His gaze torments me...tortures me...I love him....I hate him... I'm scared...and terrified....I love him, but hate the idea of getting hurt...

{inspired by a small imagine by av1united}


4. It's Too Late

~Kim Areum's Pov~

His pink lips crash onto mine, enveloping me in a strange tingling sensation. For a moment, I give in to his gentle touch. But before I lose myself, I regain my composure. I can't let him affect me like this. This is ridiculous. Why is he doing this? Hasn't he tortured me enough? 

I push, kick, punch, and repeat the process. But his arms seemed to be glued to my waist. My shouts of complaint and screams of anger are muffled by his soft lips. They move stealthily along mine, molding our two bodies into one. There I go again, getting lost in his touch. No, I can't fall for him again. I might just get hurt again... I don't want to hurt myself. Before I know it, the unshedded tears finally trickle down my cheek, as my actions to stop him die down. He seems to notice because his kiss softened and he eventually stops when he feels the tears drip onto his lips. 


He finally pulls away, but his strong grip on my waist didn't lessen. 

"Hey...stop'll be fine..." he whispers, caressing my cheek and kissing the tears away. 

I shove his hands away and sob.

"No! I won't be fine! I'm absolutely terrified Jungkook..." I start out screaming at him, but my voice withers away into a whimper. 

"Terrified of what, Areum?" he whispers, running his fingers through my hair. 

I try to ignore the fact that my name sounds wonderful coming out of his mouth. 

I try to ignore the gentle fingers that comb my hair with care.

I try to ignore the admiration in his eyes.

"Terrified of getting hurt Jungkook...I'm absolutely terrified of getting hurt..." I whimper out, pulling his fingers away from my hair. 

"Please, Areum....please stop crying...I promise, I won't hurt you..." he says, lifting my chin, so I can make full eye contact with him. His intense gaze just makes me want to cry even more. 

I realize it's too late...

I've already fallen in love with him....

I have fallen in love with Jeon Jungkook...



okay...i'm not sure what's wrong with me but...i'm switching tenses on myself bear with me for now...this is in present tense and the past chapters have been in past tense. bear with me! i'm also very sorry that this chapter is incredibly short. i promise to update soon! thanks everyone! lots of love! ^-^

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