Kingdom Keepers: The Second Generation (A Percy Jackson/Kingdom Keepers Crossover)

This is the story of five, five kids whose parents are legacies, Disney legacies. Isabella's parents are Amanda and Finn, she takes after her father as the leader of the group. Winnie, Philby and Willa's oldest kid is a super smart know it all like her parents. Phoebe, Willa and Philby's other kid, appears to have her mother's gift with the characters. May, Charlene and Maybeck's kid has her mother's looks but her father's attitude. And we can't forget Jessica, Jess's kid, who has her mother's gift of seeing the future. Together they make up the second generation Kingdom Keepers.

They also meet up with a certain seaweed brain and his crew. Together they join forces and work together to defeat their enemies.


2. The Attack

POV Isabella

"Isabella, get to bed, the studios are under attack."

Sighing I began sprinting up the stairs straight to my room at the end of the hallway. Flinging my door open I hurried to get into my twin sized bed. Because there was no reason to change my clothes, I started to use one of the many techniques my father used to use to cross over as quick as possible...

Opening my eyes I see that I crossed over right where my mom said, Disney's Hollywood Studios. Looking for my fellow keepers, I think about how wierd it is that Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat is not here anymore. Although it is still were we crossover, we don't appear in the elevated area beneath Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat, we appear where it once was. All of a sudden I heard a piercing scream that sounded like it came from somewhere on Sunset Boulevard. Running in that direction, I saw Lilo getting kidnapped by Stitch.

Sprinting forwards to try to help Lilo I stop, my path suddenly blocked by three Stormtroopers. Having their guns pointed at me I closed my eyes and thought about a small pinprick of light slowly growing bigger. Then I feel a tingling feeling, they can't toutch me now. All of a sudden a thought hits me, when Maybeck was captured once the others didn't hear or see anything. Why did Lilo get out a scream? It might be a distraction, my team might be getting attacked!

Making a split second decision I whipped my cell phone out of my pocket seeing that I got a text from the other Keepers saying that they are at Toy Story Mania waiting for me to arrive. Bursting into a run, I sprinted back down Sunset Boulevard, and ran down Mickey Avenue until I arrived at the Pixar Place. Stopping when I arrived at Toy Story Mania I jogged over to my team still remaining pure light. 

"What's the situation guys?"

"We got a report from security that on the cameras they saw a decent sized group of villains heading down Sunset Boulevard." Of course attitude girl, May, was the one to answer.

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