Kingdom Keepers: The Second Generation (A Percy Jackson/Kingdom Keepers Crossover)

This is the story of five, five kids whose parents are legacies, Disney legacies. Isabella's parents are Amanda and Finn, she takes after her father as the leader of the group. Winnie, Philby and Willa's oldest kid is a super smart know it all like her parents. Phoebe, Willa and Philby's other kid, appears to have her mother's gift with the characters. May, Charlene and Maybeck's kid has her mother's looks but her father's attitude. And we can't forget Jessica, Jess's kid, who has her mother's gift of seeing the future. Together they make up the second generation Kingdom Keepers.

They also meet up with a certain seaweed brain and his crew. Together they join forces and work together to defeat their enemies.


1. Important Information

If you have already read any of the Kingdom Keeper books you shouldn't need to read this. But of you need a refresher read on ahead.

Crossing over: a term for when the kids go from their physical form to their DHI form

DHI: depending on who you ask it stands for Disney Host Interactive or Daylight Holographic Imaging.  They are made out of pure light.

SBS: sleeping beauty syndrome, when they are crossed over and can't cross back over; refers to their physical state when crossed over, also known as the syndrome

O.T.: the Overtakes are all the villains who want to "destroy" the parks

O.T.K.: an kid who works for the O.T. side

K.K.: an abbrevation for Kingdom Keepers, who are DHIs; the protectors of the Disney "kingdom."

Fairlies: a term referring to people who have unusual powers like Jess and Amanda.

Jess: a Fairlie with the power to see the future, she helps the original K.K.

Amanda: a Fairlie with the power to push, Finn's wife in this book, his girlfriend on the books

Finn: the leader of the original five K.K.

Philby: the original K.K. know it all

Willa: also another smart one from the original K.K.  throughout the books characters always appear to help her, and the others but mainly Willa

Charlene: the original K.K. jock

Maybeck: the attitude and artistic person, part of the original K.K.

If you still have any questions about what happened before this please comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

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