Why did you leave me

What happens when a father abandons their child, notice their mistake, and want to say sorry?


2. She said no


               Matthew's P.O.V

"E-entry number s-six.... I-I felt r-really sad today s-so I found one of my f-fathers carving knives and l-looked at m-my wrist a-and I-I-I-I cut m-myself it f-felt good to-to see the blood come o-out the cut. I-I made one f-for the f-father that never loved me , a-another for my d-dead mother and o-one for me ,Lilith t-the demon." Why?! Why did I never paid attention to her,she was the only thing I had the only thing that reminded me of Delilah,why had I been such a coward? I need to find her.

Lilith P.O.V

I'm having a lot of fun, I really didn't think I'd actually be happy in Scotland. "Buzz buzz!" What? Who could it be? I still haven't met anyone except for food. I answered it anyway.


"Lilith please come back home!" It was father.

"...no it's not like you ever cared for me so why now?"

"Because you're my daughter and I love you!"

"You've never said that to me , you always say that to those whores that you bring home every Friday night! I'm not going back to that hell I lived in,goodbye for ever." That was the last words I told my dad for a long,long time.

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