Star Wars: Rogue Galaxy

The Galaxy is now at the hands of a Deadly Empire and only a few with the help of Unexpected Allies can stop it!


8. Sorrows

They readied there Sabers there Blasters as they started the Attack,

Rey there's a Ship around the corner of a few miles.. Hurry Rey as he left, Rey started Running fast as she could and used force speed long enough and fell over when she stopped she got back up and turned on the Ship and left the Planet and set coordinates to Luke and Kylo as she went into Hyperspace, Padme walked too a Door and opened it, she then saw a Mysterious Figure approaching her it looked terrifying as it removed its cloak it showed a Green Helmet with scars everywhere it was a Mandalorian Helmet, Padme looked and said Jango?, Not Jango! His Son as he walked closer, as she backed away he said look I'm not gonna hurt you I am sorry the Clones attacked you Padme who are you working for?, as she replied I want revenge on the Gray Empire!, the Gray Empire?, the ones who destroyed Planets!, Them! As he shouted with a Scar on his Visor she noticed, how did you get that Scar?, from them luckily before they could take me eye out I shot the Opponent in the Head as he splattered everywhere, as he glared at her and continued look you might not trust me but we're friends as of now anyone who takes out my People pay's the Price!, you're People?, they blew up the Mandalorians Planet only 7 are left in the Galaxy my Wife was there too... As she apologized, he put his hand up and said it's fine it's what being a Mandalorian is she knew the risk, as she glared as she said well let's put this army to use, follow me, Rey went out of Hyperspace and quickly interjected to the Fleet she quickly got out and saw the Army about to go, STOP!!!

As they all looked at her Luke and Kylo saw her, Rey? As they said in shock, don't fight them!, Why!? Luke said, because I had a vision and in it you went to battle and you all perished on the Surface on a Planet then the Leader blew the Planet!. He gazed looking at the ground and back at her, if you do this even with me you'll die that's why we need another Army!, they spoke The Mandalorians are wiped from existence, as Rey looked worried she fell off the rail and landed on the The Computer's, Kylo and Luke ran to her as she remained Unconscious, She saw a Blue Planet and Rain pouring down drastically then a Girl and a Mandalorian then it faded away, she awoke, Rey Are you ok!?, Yes I had a Vision I know where we can get a Army as they looked curiously,


Strado's Readied the Weapon to Yavin, Calamari, and 8 more it blasted the Weapon surging energy of four Sun's and imploded to the Planet's, As the Energy reached the Planet's atmosphere going to the Side of the Planet breaking it apart as the Grounds of the Planet were burned and wiped from existence..

Ten Hours Later Strado's went in bed as he slept


You have done well my Strado's you destroyed countless life's as Strado's was in a Prison he could never escape, you are a great host as I shall bring Death and Fire to the Galaxy, purging fire is inevitable Strado's, as he replied You're a Monster! as he struggled to escape, no I'm not you ARE! As he used his Mind to push Strado's back and knock him out,


As Padme gathered her Weapons, You want vengeance, no I don't she replied, I can see the look of Vengeance Padme and I know you're lying, Fine yes I do he should have his Heart ripped out and burned THAT'S WHAT I FELT!, as she yelled, Boba went to her and hugged her, it's ok Padme what Happened?, m-my Daughter was killed when the Planet imploded into Nothing she died and I saw her as a Baby, Wait you still look young how old was she?, She was around her 50's, That mean's you should of been older?, As she got out of his Arm's I died by my Husband but my Son had told me that I was brought back to life to stop the Army once the Army was defeated I was to be dead once more, as Boba looked Shocked of how this could happen, Then they heard a Loud Noise Boba told Padme to stay and he'll check, as he saw A Familiar Ship and Fleet's, he stood there waiting for them as the Falcon landed he was waiting for Han Solo, as Kylo got out first he saw Boba, where's Han!?, he died, As Boba took off his Helmet and put it down he spoke WHAT?, i-i killed him, Why the Hell did you steal his Ship!?, because I was his Son, he tightened his Fist and yelled YOU KILLED YOU'RE FATHER!, as he looked away in despair, Luke got out and said he was corrupted by the Dark Side it wasn't his Fault, as he put his Helmet back on and said I'm guessing you found out about the Army well unl- Boba Luke's my Son and Kylo's my Grandson, as Boba was confused he replied well let's finish this, as they formed the Army together and created a new Temporary Faction,


Do you think they'll finish what all of us had started?, as Kenobi said, Only the Future it will tell, as Yoda replied, this is bigger than all of us we can't help but we can warn them, Anakin said, As they all talked about what would happen if they lose, A Figure getting out of a Dark Blooded River, With sharp claws and a Twisted Face she appeared Pale with white hair, it was Abeloth...

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